Any of these ICON sbcs worth doing for the pack?

Mr. Soper
2572 posts Fans' Favourite
Not going to do the whole thing. But have a lot of untradables just sitting in my club with more on the way this thursday


  • Any tym7
    1383 posts Professional
    Stupidist sbc ive ever seen omg .

    1 million coins for a 700k untradeable icon

    Is anyone really stupid enough to do it ?
  • Milner
    2102 posts Fans' Favourite
    You can get a 50k pack for 46k, so I suppose you could twist on a few unwanted untradables.
  • therealmerk33
    1682 posts Play-Off Hero
    The 50k May be worth it If you have some untradeable IFs, I also think the trading in 11 rare bronzes for a silver player pack is worth it
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