TOTS Ronaldo

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Hey guys what do we reckon to tots ronaldos price? What do you think it will be tomorrow night / Thursday, I'm guessing that's when it will be lowest, I wanna buy one. I have the standard Ronaldo ATM don't know when best time to sell would be..

So, best time to buy tots Ronaldo?
Best time to sell NIF Ronaldo?


  • Freezy
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    The buzz is that prices will drop tomorrow. Most people will take a stab at pack opening when the new TOTS launch and run simultaneously with BBVA. And there might be a nice TOTW combined with that.
  • xFATAL
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    Sell NIF now while he's still out of packs. TOTS? I'm buying mine once I can get him under 4.9mil. Don't honestly think he'll drop much below that when he's out of packs and even if he does he will eventually skyrocket when TOTS is over.
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