Hows Kante?

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edited October 2018
Due to some extreme pack luck I can either get Kante or sort my defence out and get Neuer, Hummels and Alaba for cheaper. My defence is pretty average so would be a good upgrade but I prefer to upgrade further up the pitch first. But is 1 player worth 3?


  • Demon_reborn
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    Kante is a f1 engine. But i still concede.

    basically no matter what your gonna concede but having kante can stop attacks and start attacks on the counter.
  • TC2289
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    I packed Kante this morning from SB rewards, and weighed up my options, I’m an average player, Kante sells for around 360k, I’m using Henderson, he costs 900 coins, I will notice literally no difference between them on the pitch, so I sold Kante 🤷‍♂️
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