This game is beyond stuffed

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Every other game I lose because of complete nonsense.

- Hitting the post multiple times a game (Sometimes both posts with a single shot)
- Passes going to the wrong players
- Crowded opposition boxes
- Counter attacks aren't even possible any more because Bailly is as fast as Insigne
- Only ever conceding from corners and long range finesse shots
- Impossible to hold a lead no matter how hard you try
- Every shot being blocked
- **** AI defending
- My own defenders clearing the ball 180 degrees from where I aim the clearance, into THEIR OWN NET (Match highlights confirm this)
- Ridiculous bicycle kicks (Atleast 5 attempts per match, 1 every 5 would have been a lot in past FIFAS)
- The shooting system
- James Rodriguez (With absolutely 0 stamina) not only outmuscling, but running away from Partey (With 1/3 of a full stamina bar) and unleashing two pinpoint longshots in the last 4 minutes to earn my 10 man opponent a draw
- Arias failing to create a gap between himself and 0 stamina Alaba when at full sprint.
- Defenders doing that pathetic thing where they track a players run, then stop right when the through ball is played
- Goalkeepers doing that thing where they make it look like they've dived to try and save a shot, when in reality their arm's reach hasn't gone any further beyond what it was when they were standing before the shot was taken
- The CAM in the 4-3-1-2 becoming a LCM for some reason, leaving a huge gap between my midfield and attack, further limiting my ability to counter attack
- Long range finesse shots again
- Every free-kick I take skimming or hitting the bar, and every free-kick my opponent takes going in. Also, my wall's inability to jump even when I command them to.
- The AI's inevitable, undefendable 80-90th minute 3rd attack of the whole game to score in SB

I've probably missed a load of things but when so many people also experience this kind of stuff, I'm pretty sure these are genuine issues with the game, and should actually be looked at.


  • Aqeel87
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    Agree, this game is incredibly trash pure RNG fest.
  • Neal1982
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    You missed every shot hitting a defender even when they are not in the way and also balls hitting the post and always going straight to an oppo player for a tap in..
  • DicaniosGod
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    Just give up and play something else until they patch it properly!!
  • CharlieC
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    Just give up and play something else until they patch it properly!!

    I'm going to try and carry on playing it but with the objective of not getting angry or shouting at the tv. If you can do that with this game, you on par with a Jedi Master!
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