Are hacking pc players already playing against Xbox players?

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After having gone tired of all the cheaters on pc, I bought an Xbox this year.
Overall this was a great decision however in a few matches, I have been experiencing similar problems as I saw on pc.

In one match for example, I was dominating the game with shots, possession, passing percentage etc but still lost 5-0... All of his players were faster than mine, including Jordi Alba for example... (!)

I then checked the username and discovered that he was on origin (pc). I have had a few similar strange matches.

I know that EA has a problem with pc players as they are less and less so I am suspecting that they are allowing them / testing cross platforms already today.

This would be catastrophic as the only reason for me to switch was to get rid of all the cheaters on the pc version.

What are your experiences of this?


  • EddieFicio
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    What are you smoking, joe?
  • Uberman
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    EddieFicio wrote: »
    What are you smoking, joe?

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    Yeah, is it not common knowledge that EA are allowing some cheaters to play on Xbox via their PC just for the...well...lolz?
  • Knowlesdinho
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    Tbh I can understand his paranoia. As a former PC player myself, you have no idea what we have had to put up with over the years.

    Quit glitches, programs that make all players stats 99 etc. EA know about it, but do nothing.

    In answer to your question, no they have not made it cross platform.
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