All the issues with gameplay

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I was planning on getting to Gold 2 this week. Made it to Gold 3 fairly easily last week so figured it wouldn’t be an issue. But this gameplay absolutely drains me.

From everyone sprinting around with their CDM all game with their AI defense remaining in perfect shape, to the ridiculous bounces and deflections all game with nobody being able to control the ball, to everyone with their defense sat inside the box, to near post corners being completely broken, I mean I can go on and on and on.

I’m 11-4 so this is speaking as someone who is doing just fine win/loss wise. It’s just not fun. The gameplay is broken and ridiculous and needs a SERIOUS patch to fix a bunch of glaring issues.

-Scale back AI defending massively
-Reward players for making a manual tackle; if I make a tackle, I get the ball simple as that
-Allow players to control the ball, completely remove RNG first touches
-Heavily nerf near post corners
-Slightly nerf timed finesse shots from outside the box
-Make low drivens way more consistent
-Punish players that want to sit their defense deep in their box. Make it very hard to get the ball out successfully and even harder to put an attack together
-Scale back the Constant Pressure setting. Shouldn’t have AI players putting in a tackle EVER
-Remove Contain and Second Man Press; there shouldn’t be any buttons where you can tell the AI to go do something for you while you stand there

All that has to happen before this can come close to being considered good gameplay. Did I miss anything?


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