Player Career Mode - not getting any transfer offer, BUG?

Hey, I am playing player career mode - made my own player in J1 league.
Has already won 2 seasons in a row, 2 cups and been best scorer 2 times, my current overall rating as ST is 88.
I have already been on request for transfer for 3 transfer periods and not a single offer!!!

What is wrong with this fifa mode? Is someone experiencing the same issue?


  • HLL
    2 posts Ball Boy
    I got offers from both Barcelona and Real Madrid. My player has been top scorer and assist as well player of the year in two consecutive seasons.
  • I Have the same problem. I have won 2 seasons and been player of the month several times.

    Still, have no offers
  • I see. It seems that FIFA doesnt care about this play mode and this happens to everyone then
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