Most frustrating commentary lines?

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With the line "Pirlo playing it" still echooing in my head I wondered what the most annoying commentary lines are

For me the " They deserved this goal" they've been the better team early on" always gets to me especially when they score in the 1st or second minute in the game after kickoff

I find myself screaming BETTER TEAM?? HOW the game just started.


  • Avit32
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    I have to agree with the better team 1 haha. Or go 2-0 up and the commentator says "this team knows how to defend a lead" despite losing my last 3 games ( WL nightmare ) haha
  • Raider
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    is there a way to turn of the speaker saying all the scores etc? he's messed up cant stand him wrongly pronouncing most of the names...
  • When you try a low driven shot. But, because the crappy new button combination to do it. You end up doing a chip shot.

    "That was a soggy chip"
  • Ronaldo
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    Or the WHAT A WONDERFULL goal.....

    Seems like this one just gets triggered randomly as this one gets mostly used for a rebound or deflection goal
  • Sometimes 2 goals lead can be dangerous one. And then I conceed goal from kick off bug
  • OfficerJimlahey
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    The suns beating down but the wind is shooting through the stadium

    Would an attack down the left side be worth it?

    Sorry wrong game and era - but those lines have stuck with me to this day😂
  • Prits1992
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    “You’re too young to remember Alan, but in those days we used to have a square goal post . A lot more came out than went in.”

    “You’ll be proud of that Alan. A headed goal.”
  • silverdale10
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    The new one Alan Smith does about the post not being part of the goal and therefore not on target after you've hit it 3/4 times . Taking the pee.
  • lewspaz
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    Hands down has to be the one where it says something like

    ‘There’s a reason they call him fishy, it’s because he chips like that’

    Something along those lines anyway, absolutely tragic
  • HopelessFifaPlayee
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    “How do you see this game going Alan as there’s not much between these sides”...other than an average of 25 rating points per player!!

    Oh and one team being second top, the other last.
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