Any 1 had good reviews on Dybala?

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I have him and play in a 41212 at cam
And for the life of me I don’t feel he does much. 3 goals in 17 games


  • Phiba
    830 posts Semi-Pro
    I play him as a striker in a 442, 14 goals from 18 games for me.

    Tried his loan card before buying him but at CM in same formation, thought he was good going forward but wasnt a box to box player.
  • Smudge
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    I don't rate him
  • Lcfc
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    Nah I don’t rate him think I will get shot for 300k
  • Tennster10
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    Play him as cf / cam 4411 weak foot not a problem score plenty of screamer for me. Great card and when he score there a fan holding picture of him in the stand. :D
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