What is wrong with FIFA19?

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What is wrong with this game?

Can someone help me here

It seems like no matter how skilled my team is, how much quality they have, I am seeing a consistent pattern developing...

Pacey wingers are always getting caught by tired full backs.
I brought Marcus Rashford on with 10 mins to go against Swansea, he had the ball and started running down the wing, he was easily caught and dis-possessed by their right back who according to his fitness bar was absolutely dead on his feet. This keeps happening with other players as well.

Every medium pass I play gets intercepted by the AI

Players in the box never get on the end of crosses making crossing totally ineffective even with tall players who can head the ball are in there

defenders wont tackle attackers when they are near the box, they just stand off even when I am pressing 'O' and 'square' rapidly

In another game I had 18 shots on target in 1 game and couldn't score 1 goal.
I had Ronaldo in my team who was missing easy shots and headers, certainly inaccurate for his 94 rating.

I am playing on world class mostly but also find this happening on Professional. Are these difficulty modes broken?


  • AndrewPandrew
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    Games very anti pace, the game is absolutely brilliant bar the defensive momentum boost
  • Bane8Toni
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    The problem to me is balance..it lacks just that. They keep touching what they aren't supposed to and leave us with a mess.

    Shooting system now is pointless. They want you to have the shooting skill of CR7 while forgetting it's just a game. To take a driven shot now you gotta hold two buttons and press the shot button. How do you remember to do that in a split beats me. They should have just improved on FIFA 18 but no, EA knew what's best.
  • cjhilll44
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    Its the fact that I'll dominate a game and have 20 shots but their defenders will intercept everything, then run down the other end and score easily in stoppage time. Probably from a cross or a long ball into the strikers feet. Even had to play 3 tall players in midfield (Matic, Pogba, Milinkovic-Savic) just to win headers in the middle of the park
  • Rossco160715
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    They don’t have the ability/intelligence to code a game where a balance is ensured throughout.

    They wanted lower scoring games so they designed timed shooting knowing that it’ll rarely work. One on one finishing and the ball becoming a magnet to the woodwork. That’ll bring the scores down instead of actually working on a more realistic game.

    Pace is horrendous. If Mbappe gets in behind Kolarov, he’s not catching him. He could be using two footballs and he’s not catching him. Why don’t they make the tackling timed also then as opposed to spamming the O button? They had to balance pace as it ruined previous Fifa installments however they’ve pretty much made everyone feel the same pace when they get beyond the defence. It’s stupid.

  • EyeHamJuan
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    low scoring, what? I lost to Real Madrid in Champions League round of 16 with Bayern 1-5... I went through to the next round by beating them 6-1 (7-6 agg).

    Timed shots work.
  • cjhilll44
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    the thing that annoys me is most matches I will dominate for the first half. The match will then level out but I usually get way more shots away than the AI but you can guarantee that right at the end they will pop up with a goal to win it. I was Man Utd playing Southampton. Lukaku missed a sitter, hit the post and had an air shot from 4 yards out. Gabbiadini comes on for Southampton with 2 mins to go and jumps above 3 of my defenders to head the ball past De Gea, a save that he would have made with ease early on.

    It seems on world class I have no time on the ball, crossing hardly ever reaches my target man and the number of misplaced passes are horrendous.

    The games where i do scrape a win always end 1-0 because scoring more than 1 is extremely hard. I am sticking to mostly the old school FIFA controls and not using R1, L1, finesse shots etc because I find that too fiddly on a pad where I have not time to dwell on the ball before I am dispossessed. This probably doesn't help my cause?

    I find myself getting close to the 18 yard box and just passing it around before I try a cross or a through pass and it gets intercepted.

    I dont want to go back to professional as I find that too easy.

  • OfficerJimlahey
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    Well this is in the user agreement. It may or may not have something to do with it. I’m not offering an opinion, I’m just posting something that we’ve all already agreed to.

    EA may need to update, or reset certain parameters to balance game play and usage of EA services. These updates or "resets" may cause yo setbacks within the relevant game world and may affect characters, games, groups or other Entitlements under your control.
  • Truthurts
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    if you have played FIFA in the previous editions you know nothing is wrong
    this is the way the game is designed

    in my opinion it is designed to frustrate you so you buy FP they put out a broken game with broken gameplay and faulty AI so you are fooled into thinking buying FP will fix it

    but it won't
  • Rossi1000
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    Truthurts wrote: »
    if you have played FIFA in the previous editions you know nothing is wrong
    this is the way the game is designed

    in my opinion it is designed to frustrate you so you buy FP they put out a broken game with broken gameplay and faulty AI so you are fooled into thinking buying FP will fix it

    but it won't

    That’s a deep marketing plan

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you buyer off so he buys more?? Didn’t work for Konami with pes 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 lol

    Most games come out not the finished article due to being able to patch worst part about gaming is patching .... old days pes 6 came out and you mastered it because that was the game complete ready to play

    You find nowadays longer you wait after release date the price comes down and all the patching is done and more content has been added lol we are getting ripped as the gamer nowadays

    Early release for a imcomplete game buy is in jan half the price and it’s playing great but that’s the buy now mentality that feeds this bad practice of gaming

    Fifa points are based on making the game playable for all whether your great or rubbish fifa points buying better players will make the gamer think their closing the gap but in truth the engine is doing that plus surely people get a bit addicted to buying points to open packs has gambling aspect to it
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