Should EA get rid off Buy now on players to improve the game for people selling players.

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I think if we got rid off Buy now and have Bid only, Squad Based Challenges and also what you get in packs as the only way to obtain getting players.

For example we have price ranges now which makes getting players either to cheap or at the same fixed price. For example you can have a player start bid at 650 and maximum 10k. If we got rid off the buy now.

We would only be able to win players by bidding and henceforth making the opportunity to make coins from sales. The downside would be you might have to spend more coins on some players (Because off others bidding a little more.) But better for everyone because the players will be worth more value than us frustrating selling them at 750 as a example.

The lowest bid starting price would have to increase for the best players. So if you wanted for example Dybala. Hes lowest start bid price would be 200k and you have to bid to win him.

For items like Contracts, Kits, Stadiums, Consumables, Managers etc etc will still have buy now. But not on players.


  • Riggs006
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    Maybe I've read this wrong but I'm confused, you say make it so packs are the only way to obtain players but you're saying make it so you can only bid on players and not buy now but surely bidding on them and buying them off the market is another way of obtaining players? Plus can you imagine wanting to make a quick sale or purchase on a player and you have to wait for the timer to run out every time, you'd constantly get outbid and it would take an eternity to get players.

    If I've read and understood all this, personally I just feel it would slow things down a bit and maybe it's not the best idea but that's just my opinion!
  • Gorda
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  • DonkeyKong
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    Having to wait for the timer to run down would turn way too many people off
  • Shehraj
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    1) waiting for the timer to end would frustrate everyone
    2) every card card would go for way more simply due to the fact you can only buy the card in front of the queue, or face waiting for the next one to have another similar bid battle
  • kayron16
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    This wouldn't achieve anything
  • Personally don't like that idea at all

  • jackm57
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    Great idea.

    Would stop cheaters price fixing everything
  • Fab
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  • Bluemoon2393
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    I know I might have not explained it very well.

    When you put a player on the transfer list

    You have Bid and Buy now

    My suggestion is to remove the buy now and only have bid now. So for example all

    You have let's say 650 coins as a start bid.
    But you no longer have the 10k buy now. So players who didn't sell very well will know be worth a little more coins.

    For the best players you have a bigger start bid to ensure no one loses a lot off coins. So for example James Rodriguez has a 50k start bid.

    Special Cards like Informs you have 10k start bid and for the more better players (I'll use James Rodriguez again 100k start bid)

    So to get players you either have to bid, earn them in packs you have purchased or do squad based challenges. The only thing that changes is you can buy them outright.

    By removing Buy now. It will stop coin sellers/buyers and force them to bid for players. That why it would be very difficult to sell coins.

    The only thing I would have buy now for is Badges, Kits and Stadiums etc etc but a no more than a 1000.

    I hope I explained it better.
  • Fab
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  • Dazen
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    Waiting for 6 hours to bid on a prime icon and then miss out, because everyone bids on that one card, no thanks.
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Terrible idea imo.
  • MatteoDiBella
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    I just threw up in my mouth
  • boomtw3
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    Not everybody has 24 hours to spend on the game. If i want a player i take 1 minute to get best deal i can find. Don't have time to bid for a player then sometimes the bidding war even goes above his lowest buy now.
    What i can say is increase the starting price or quick sell of some players so even if a pack bombs you still get something. For example 82,83 rated players should have quick sell and starting of like 900 coins and 84 should have like 1200 coins because as it is most packs won't give half of its value not even an ultimate pack.
  • agentxyz2
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    Not a great idea sorry. All for the goal of price inflation. EA have much more effective tools to achieve that
  • Maverick
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    Gorda wrote: »

  • Retro_G
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  • GoodnightIrene
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    Terrible idea.
  • Deslash
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    A dream for coin sellers and buyers..
    A hell for every player that want to build a team... and i guess price fixing would still work.. unless you want every card listed at 650coins :p
    Good try.. worst idea i heard this week..
  • BGAlum
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    It would kill the game as it would take forever to ever get a player.

    You actually have it backwards. The only option should be BUY NOW and SELL NOW vice the bidding with EA actually tracking real market value through supply and demand, transactions, with them as the brokerage instead of blindly and lazily having a market with bidding wars and runs on players that are not monitored accurately.

    Bidding at least let’s people have a shot at getting a player they really want at a reduced price, but if EA did away with bidding and actively managed the market like they should in a scenario either closer to what real life football is or like what the stock market is, it would be a better option.
  • CharlieC
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    I haven’t got the time to wait for a bidding war each time I buy a player.
  • truegunn3r
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    So the whole FUT community will be bidding for that one extinct player when it pops up
  • Dexdan
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    Imagine how long sbcs would take to do
  • CM15
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    God no
  • AFC_95
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    No thanks. If I want to try a player I don't want to have to sit there four she's trying to buy them.
  • mdizzl3
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    If the really cared they would stop you buying a player if you already have 2 in your club. There is no reason 2hynyoue ever need more than 2 at anyone time and therefore thearlet would be much more stable.
  • TW1103
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    No, but I think you should have the option to take it off a listing. If you want to start the bidding for Messi at 1000 coins, no BIN, you could just let it roll. Wouldn't want to see ot removed altogether though
  • Mmandras
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    The market is fine, it's the soul of Ultimate Team.
  • Williejno1
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    Lol no way man
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