5 at the back

Hi all, new to this so be kind.

I have played fifa on/off for years and all i play is clubs, so you could call me casual.

But i have just bought fifa 19 and started playing pro clubs and its transported me 4 years! Everyone is playing 5 at the back, with at least one cdm, on what looks like ultra defensive, and maybe even team press. What is all this about? Am i missing a trick here as i want to play football but seem to end up getting my butt handed to me by Jose Mourinho's spawn! Is it just me or is this a thing?


  • It’s a game mate so people play to win at any cost.

    The real kick in the teeth where playing negatively exists is there doesn’t seem to be a draw back from doing it. Like you would think if someone is playing very defensively they’d get few chances to score as their team spends most of the time in their own half and the team attacking would be the ones scoring goals but all too often the attackers end up pinballing the ball between themselves and the defenders and then the defending side break and you concede. You can batter a team in terms of possession for the best part of 90 mins and still lose. :D
  • I really do understand that they are playing the game of fifa and not the game of football.

    Maybe i am the odd one out wanting to enjoy a football game?

    Thats why i have also asked for some tips on which formation and set up to use. If you cant beat em, join em. 😁😂
  • Also, thanks for the reply 😀
  • It's 19's "park the bus"
  • So how do i set up to do the same?
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