Game has been out 3 weeks

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How are these corners not patched yet?
I mean in DIV2 all we are doing is trading corner goals with each other. Cmon EA.

There is nothing i can do to defend corners better. Doesnt mather if i put my strongest defender on the first post. Biciycle kick by Salah.

Bring out the GK ? Too bad Delle Alli outjumps your GK.

Its stupid i honestly dont understand how this is still in the game? I want to cut my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off every time i score a first post corner with my Immobile but im forced to since my opponent has either already scored 1 or will score eventually.

Like all this game is about is finessing outside the box. It doesnt go in? Too bad, try to score the corner you got.
Im seriously thinking to just lose on purpose so i can get som normal games.


  • silverdale10
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    Who's your keeper? Ederson catches or punches to safety the vast majority of the time if I move him first, though sometimes he refuses to budge.
  • Aspral
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    A fix would be to make them slower on delivery. So you can actually battle for it instead of just both presing shoot or clear and hoping you come off better
  • CharlieC
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    The amount of times you have a 6ft defender next to a 5ft 6 attacker and you’re pressing for him to jump and he just stands there while the attacker rises like a salmon above his head and buries it in the back of the net.
  • FifaProDK
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    Do this: Select your cb and put him in front of the player you think is going to go for the overhead kick, muscle him with LT and when the cross comes in use the normal pass button to clear it.
  • caedite
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    Unfortunately, the higher you go up the divs, the worse it gets. Div 1 is just a straight out competition to see who can exploit the broken mechanics the most. Best thing you can do once you make it (if that's a goal for you) is get a refund or chargeback. :wink:
  • Dronegan
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    I have UCL Alisson as GK. And honestly it shouldn´t mather that much who your GK is.

    Honestly, it depends league to league but on avarage it takes 30-40 corners to score a goal looking at statistics.
    Its way off, in Fifa if i get 3 corners i can guarentee i will score one at least. Its insane
  • AFC_95
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    They're so stupid. I had POTM Lucas beat Skriniar in the air. Lmao.
  • protzbischof
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    More like 2 weeks and im already thinking about FIFA 20.
  • AFC_95
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    More like 2 weeks and im already thinking about FIFA 20.

    Lmao I'm already thinking of BO4 and if it's good will probably not touch 19 until January.
  • AFC_95
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    But yeah it's crazy how long EA take to patch bugs etc. Like WWII had an update almost everyday.
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