Fifa Career ... but why?

FIFA career

As a player: When you start a career as a player in FIFA, everything is just as usual in the beginning as in the last 10 years!
You play and improve yourself, but at some point you want to see more of the world and that's where FIFA is causing problems!

As a player you can get used to the transfer request but rarely get any requests.
In my case, I started at the German third division club KARLSRUHE, a loan application was accepted and I played the season in Australia. I started with a rating of 70 (before the loan) and back to the KSC I came with an 82 rating.
Now a few league clubs should be attentive - but nothing is coming

dear EA-Team can you please explain this to me?

FIFA career as a manager: If you decide in the beginning immediately for a top club like Atletico Madrid then you will inevitably (at least in the German version) addressed with the predecessor - in my case this was Simione - with each change said the commentators "Diego Simione changes" this really spoils the fun


  • I have the same problem - stared as ST 70 in J1 league, already won 2 seasons in a row, 2 cups, 2x best scorer, now my overall rating is 88 and been on transfer request all the time...and yet, not a SINGLE TRANSFER OFFER.

    Damn, you only-money-digging EA, caring about FUT only
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