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Interesting in playing in FUT Champions and the Weekend League? Check out this article for all the changes we've made in FIFA 19.

We cover qualification, re-qualification, games required and how division rivals ties in.

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions.


  • This year I was so happy about the new structure. However the fact I can’t play this weekend despite having enough points is an absolute joke
  • Is this year also monthly rewards from weekend legeau?
  • Ekin
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    I just had a conversation with EA, they are saying that you need to reclaim your rewards before 7:00 AM GMT to qualify for that weekend league, if you don't, you get qualified for the next week. This is the worst software design I have ever seen in my life. They are getting worse and worse in this stuff, just push the qualification points to the players who completed with enough ranking to their account directly. And the obsession about the "follow us on Twitter". What if I am not using Twitter? I didn't get any e-mails for the game updates, Do I required to use twitter to hear more about FIFA really? I also reclaimed my rewards yesterday but not qualified for this week but next week? Really? This is so frustrating. I started losing my faith about fifa back in Fifa 18 and completely lost it after this. You are saying that you are giving players right to choose when they want to play weekend league. I haven't selected to play for the next week and you decide it instead of me? What if I am not able to play next week? Then what is going to happen?
  • Automatic qualification again!! Please EA! You have just canceled my weekend league
  • It is a joke i have 2000/2000 points and i cannot play WL.
    Why the registration window is so small 12-14h ? Give us rewards on monday/tuesday and we will have couple days to click this button, but for now it seems like a rly bad joke.
  • I got 4 loses in a row and still met TOP 100 player. Explain.
  • Slazenger
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    Seems every single game is 3-2???????, is that default score nowadays?
  • Hi,
    I just wondered about the «form» used for matchmaking in WL and how this works. I know that a win count as+1 and a loss as -1 but how many of your previos games has an effect on your next game? The last 5,10,15 or all the previous in that WL. So if you have lost the first 5 and then won the next 20 what is your matchmaking form in game number 26?
  • Same u should be able the claim even when the weekend league as starts silly really
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