Game was finally fluid - was it formation, CTs or luck?

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I made a couple of new teams yesterday in 4-1-3-2, which I wanted to try out after it was decent in some offline games against a mate. Played two matches last night with one of the teams, and they were the first two fluid, enjoyable games I've played. No exaggeration, this was the first time the game actually felt half decent. I still lost the first game 3-2 to two sweaties goals and a pathetic header, so it wasn't the results, it was just that I was able to move the ball well and create chances for once. But because there are so many variables, I have no idea what caused it to be so much better.
Was it:
- the formation? it seems to be a good shape that provides width and two strikers, which I like.
- the CTs? I changed from Possession to Fast Build Up, so that might explain why chance creation was better.
- the players? They're still cheap but it could be that the players in this team are just better (team below).
- matchmaking luck? Last time I played a lost a whole bunch of games so I might have been matched against some less turgid opponents this time.

What do you guys think? Have you used the formation and found it good? Is Fast Build Up something to stick with? Is Diego Costa just a beast??

I guess I just made this thread to spitball ideas about what makes the most difference out of formation, tactics or players - or whether they're all irrelevant and it's just down to matchmaking!

Team used:
Mariano (get in behind) - D.Costa (target man)
Guedes - - - Wass - - - G.Martins
Partey (stay back)
Gaya - Lenglet - G.Paulista - Semedo
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  • CharlieC
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    All of that makes no odds whatsoever imho. Sometimes the games feels good and even when you lose, you think fair enough but I enjoyed it because I didn't feel like the game was holding me back in any way and I just lost because the opponent was better.

    This is what EA needs to realise and is the biggest flaw in the game. WE DONT MIND LOSING!!! We just want it to be fair. You know what, I'd happily lose every game if I though it was fair and I was just beaten by someone better. I would work on improving if that was the case.

  • Orikoru
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    Agree. I figure I'm always going to leak stupid goals but it's Fifa, but if my attack feels fluid and enjoyable I can still have some fun in the game. Until last night that hadn't happened so it was a borefest.
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