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  • JoostAFCA wrote: »
    Is my understanding right that you only have 12 hours to redeem the 2000 WL points earned via WL in order to ensure qualification? If so, that's quite a small time frame that could easily be missed.
    Just happened to me, cant play this weekend....

    me too. i missed it. and im very dissapointed as i was looking forward to this weekend. this is **** EA sports
  • Absolute joke. They are effectively blocking the ability to play a core part of the game. It makes no logical sense
  • Ekin
    3 posts Ball Boy
    I just had a conversation with EA, they are saying that you need to reclaim your rewards before 7:00 AM GMT to qualify for that weekend league, if you don't, you get qualified for the next week. This is the worst software design I have ever seen in my life. They are getting worse and worse in this stuff, just push the qualification points to the players who completed with enough ranking to their account directly. And the obsession about the "follow us on Twitter". What if I am not using Twitter? I didn't get any e-mails for the game updates, Do I required to use twitter to hear more about FIFA really? I also reclaimed my rewards yesterday but not qualified for this week but next week? Really? This is so frustrating. I started losing my faith about fifa back in Fifa 18 and completely lost it after this. You are saying that you are giving players right to choose when they want to play weekend league. I haven't selected to play for the next week and you decide it instead of me? What if I am not able to play next week? Then what is going to happen?
  • Ekin
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    Oh the responsible from EA saying that, this is the first report they had about this problem? Really? there is bunch of people having the same problem like I do. Another day, another fail of EA.
  • Getting same answer on chat, that we need to do it until "bla bla bla". Wth? we need to have some time on that 12 hours to redeem it? (not forget the 8 hours of sleep +/-) Wtf we can't have a job nor a family on thursday or we should sleep with PS4. Lol.
  • EA you HAVE to give us the chance to play this WL even if it already started! People have life's/Job's, at least I do and I can't have guaranteed that big time window of 12 hours a week to claim something I earned 1 week after.
  • Hi if bought fifa 19 champion edition I was ment to get 20 packs 1 pack a week how come I only got 2 does any one know please
  • W77
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    I think if a player got silver 1 you need to get him auto requalify .
  • cosminm
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    Is there any possibility to redeem the player picks from rewards not this week, but the week after this? There are not any good IFs coming out this team of the week.
  • Chubz
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    so what if they make it 81+ or not...I mean, it will just mean you get an 81 or 82 rated IF instead of a 78 rated IF....doesnt seem much different to me, either way its a useful pick that people will moan about.
  • HullCity1904
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    I know you'll find many examples of people pulling mbappes out of silver 1 etc...

    but i'd say overall, from all the youtubers posting high rankings... most of them got really shafted.

    Howedes/King/Stuani for 90%

  • I had an issue with 2 matches on the last weekend league, for both matches I was winning (4-1 and 3-2 respectively) and some seconds away from the matches end they were disconnected and a message saying the match under review has appeared, Neither a win nor a loss was credited to me and my internet connection didn't failed once the ultimate team kept connected without issues.
    Now the weekend league is ended and the victories for matches that are supposedly under review were not credited. It should take me to the "Gold 3" level, but I'm in Silver 1 and I will probably loss better prizes due an issue that was not my fault or from my internet connection.
    I really believe that I was harmed due a kind of cheating.

    EA please check it as soon as possible. I need an answer on that.

    Do someone had the same issue on the last weekend?
  • pittphan
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    Färjestad wrote: »
    Make it 81+ for Gold 3 and above

  • wahidovic123
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    edited December 2018
    Imagine a scenario where I am not utilizing Twitter. I didn't get any messages for the diversion refreshes, Do I required to utilize twitter to hear increasingly about FIFA truly? I likewise recovered my prizes yesterday however not met all requirements during the current week but rather one week from now? Truly? This is so disappointing. I began losing my confidence about fifa back in Fifa 18 and totally lost it after this. You are stating that you are giving players appropriate to pick when they need to play end of the week association.
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