If there was ever an advertisement to not buy Fifa points...

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Here it is :joy:

I'm doing a little test.

12k on the web app with 7.5k packs. (Which will be coming up in the next hour and I'll post the packs up in here)
12k on console with 7.5k packs. (Later with the new TOTW)
12k on draft (Over the coming days. I won't win it every time)

Facts from the Web app 12k -

12k FP spent, 80 packs opened, 436550 made and that's taken from the lowest point of things selling, not including some items and also not including discards of kits and non rare managers etc.

On average each pack made me 5400 coins. Which is actually pretty good considering I didn't pull anything major.

Now without EA access it is £1 per 7.5k pack. You spend £80 on 12000 points which is 80 packs. WITH EA access its around 90 pence per pack. So for every 90 pence spent I was getting back 5400 coins.

My maths may be out if someone can check, but I think that's pretty accurate.

Yes contracts will take longer to sell, but they will sell so its worth it. I'll be doing 12000 on console later to see the differences and also start on drafts running up to the new TOTW.
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