Only buy for pro clubs and i dont want to play it. We as a team have gone from battering the same teams on 18 to getting battered by them on 19. 19 does not want you to play football. Cant figure out the right formation due to cam position being broke which does not help. It seems the game wants you to play rapid fire football yet the AI are on you so quick most the time you have no choice but to try and turn and hold to enable you to create the space and compose your pro for the pass by which point the second press has screwed you over anyway. Am an 89 overall now and yet my pass to a pro close to me doesnt lock on. Through balls are pointless unless you want it on the wing. Even on counters when there is a good 10 yards either side of the ST it STILL just locks straight onto the AI. this game is horrendous to the point that if not fixed will be my last fifa. Sad times.
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