Most Funny/irritating Fifa moments of the week, week 25

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Influenced by @finess_4days goal of theweek thread this thread will use the new like button to see what moments in game people find the funniest, luckiest, “meanest”or strangest.

The rules are that the goals must be strange, funny, lucky, rage inducing or “mean”. If you have a beautiful goal go to the goal of the week thread which I will link.
You can also submit glitches, bugs, misses, weird refereeing and other funny moments/ irritating moments that aren’t goals
The moments have to be submitted before midnight between Sunday and Monday or they will count for next week.
You can post moments from any game mode and difficulty
EDIT: one video per post so I know which video gets votes

Link to goal of the week thread

Week 1- @WFCBagnall with

Week 2- @Cloudio7 with

Week 3- @Ulook92 with

Week-4 @Lindquist93 with DAN/02a25f66-008d-4e26-be22-128e1a47af77

Week 5 @Davvebingan with

Week 6- @Knowlesdinho with “the farce that was icon set two”

Week 7- @Daveofwales01 with

Week 8- @Davvebingan with

Week 9- @DarthGrowler with Growler/f794c380-c674-4ae1-b49f-7ba20f32ecf1

Week 10- @21_NYG_21 with whY Gee/43e1fbb2-03c4-4e57-9e14-5b4892081b68

Week 11- @Davvebingan with

Week 12- @RebelRob with

Week 13- @Del654 with

Week 14- @Davvebingan with

Week 15- @Daveofwales01 with

Week 16- @Finesse_4days with

Week 17- @Hoopsterz with

Week 18- @Knowlesdinho with g6hNXBc.gif

Week 19- @Gyan_33 with

Week 20- @Davvebingan with

Week 21- @Fabibi94 with

Week 22- ——

Week 23- @Davvebingan with

Week 24- @Davvebingan with
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