Cannot Qualify for Asia Continental Cup

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I won J1 League 3 years in a row and did not qualify for Asia Continental Cup. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a known issue?


  • Evans_usmc69
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    Same problem, same teams that qualified at start of career, qualified 2nd year. Was hoping it fixed itself on the 3rd year.....guess not.
  • ~Adma~
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    So it's the same clubs that auto qualify every season?!
  • Evans_usmc69
    40 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Yeah that's what I seen after playing a season and winning the league with gamba osaka. Next season, the teams playing in the cup were the same as the previous year.
  • Have the same issue - played for Sendai Vegalta in my player career mode, won league 2x in a row and no qualification for Asia Continental Cup.
    Moreover, if I check my own player´s history, part with won league titles, it shows 0 despite winning 2 times in a row and being best scorer.
    WTF? EA only focusing on FUT mode as usual?
    Moreover, I cant get any transfer offers
  • tomw777
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    Anyone know if this problem is isolated to qualifying for the Asia Continental Cup from the J League only or does the same problem exist with qualifying from the A League, CSL etc as well.
  • I simmed a J League season and can confirm this is still bugged. Doesn't matter where the teams finish, the same teams will qualify for the AFC next season. This basically makes J League unplayable if you care about continental competition. This needs to get to EA's attention.
  • I've qualified through the a league
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