I’m having TrOUBLE! Broken Contollers!

I just cannot get the hang of this FIFA. I was a Division 4/5 player in FIFA 18, but my record on this years is 5-3-20. I just cannot win games.

Seems defenders are way to overpowered. They can easily knock the dribbler off the ball, and very few fouls are called on standing tackles. The recovery time, for an offensive player, on the ball, is absurd.
Also, the defenders closing speed is ridiculous. No way a defender should be gaining ground on Sané from behind.

The precision dribble and protect ball buttons do not seem to be effective in close quarters either.
As with every new year game, there is an adjustment period, but this one is the worst I’ve seen. The graphics, animations and game engine are beautiful, but the in game physics seem way off to me.

Crossing also seems over powered as well. I’m giving up way to many goals on crosses that are wildly whipped into the box. No timing, no skill. Just whip it in the box and power header for the goal.

Hopefully they tune the game soon. I’m running out of patience


  • Brydobhoy
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    Just keep going mate , I always finish in top 500, in top 100 after 6 months but fade away because I play less.

    Play possession football, constantly switch play, let your opponent come to you and pass around them, this game isnt about playing a fast player through and your in.

    Only pass to a player who has plenty of space , especially at the back and in midfield, when in midfield dont make the obvious pass , for example move towards your winger , close control spin another direction and pass somewhere else.

    Youll get it. Work on getting over 60% possession and youll win most games.
  • I appreciate the tips and comment. Way more constructive than other threads. Thanks bud! Seriously.
  • Brydobhoy
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    No problem mate, remember if your opponent is on top, take your time pass it around the back, switch it , one of your full backs is free most of the time , eventually his team will automatically drop off. You have the full match to get a goal if you have most of the possession it will come.
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