As the number of my matches rize, more and more i realize what a joke this game is.

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For me this year started good, i was impressed by the work and idea of this gameplay. But the more i play i see more and more bugs and funny stuff bout this game :D

Very often happends that keeper just frooze and you hit him right in the face/hand/knee. Mostly on 1v1 chances.
Hitting the woodwork at least 4-5 times per match. Im not even sure if im shooting right.
90' goals from corner is regular thing. Mostly from bicycle kicks.
70% of games i lost were pure lucky flipper thingies. I scored a lot of flipper goals too.
Defenders are sometimes acting dull af, and yet sometimes theyre extremely determinate to get the ball even if that means sudden pace bursts xD

I dont know if thats just me or some really weird stuff are gonna take place in this game this year.


  • joehuk
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    tbh i'm upto 100+games now and my word something has changed this week.

    I had weeks like this in FIFA 18, 1 week i'd be winning left right and centre, odd loss here and there to better players

    week later i'd struggle to finish anything, pass the ball.

    Currently I'm not enjoying the game at ALL. (probably time for a little break from the game something I didn't do in FIFA 18)

    Everything just seems off, defenders not tracking anything, or turning like tanks, players first touch dont get me started on this, my passes are all 2mph no matter how much power I use.

    games just feel so sluggish, not sure if its delay/lag but feels like it.
  • salvadordali1
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    believe me i got smashed also and i deserved to lose. but too many games i lost due to "reality try" of EA that wasnt even tested properly. Keepers are catching balls outside 16m box, or when you try to lob him he will reach for the ball even if he is on damn center. Some 1v1 chances keeper dont react and your player will shoot right on the middle of the goal just to hit the bugged keeper.

    50% of bouncing balls my player decide to do a sliding tacke instead of shoot even if he is near the ball. And i tried to prevent that so i shooted as late as possebille and no reaction at all he just went with the ball strait up.

    Refereeing is ridiculous. When i start counter, somewhere in my defense someone collides or smth and there is a foul near my box while the ball is somewhere on the center.

    Also when someone alt+tab or alt+f4 on you just when you score a goal and leaderboard didnt jet changed, that goal wont count ;)
  • LoboNobo
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    I kind of agree with you, the core of the game is fantastic but passing direction and switching is completely broken, plus 90% of the goals in my matches are rebounds (that's mainly opponent), near-post corners (mainly opponent), finesse longshots (I do that, true) and normal crosses (which I kind of figured out). Anyway, in most of my games there's usually one, maybe two goals, rest just seems random. But I still like it so far, possession play can be really good.
  • salvadordali1
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    An idea of this gameplay is fantastic. If someone asked me how FIFA should be i would describe it just like that. But luck factor is too op. You can score or miss 2-3 chances with just one press of a button, everything else are on the defenders if they manage to pull themselfs together they will intercept but if not there is an open goal for you and another lottery to play.(wich is will your player decides to side-foot the ball or he will just shoot like a normal human being.)

    I kinda figure it out that timed finish baloney. But most of these shoots land right on the keepers face/hand/knee. In other words timed finish shoots are mostly going in the middle of the goal. But i still prefer this timed finish than double tap in fifa18, its kinda more challenging and adds some personality to the shoot, finally a human factor.

    Also everybody is playing with all out of attack tactics, and if you try to give them their own medicine, than game becomes some arcade flipper when you dont know what is happening.(With regular late winner goal, not to be forgotten.) :D
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