Squad Battles Scheduling

Dizzy Bala
3982 posts National Call-Up
I played Squad Battles a lot last year but i'd always miss maybe a third of the games, so i'd only usually end up reaching Gold 1/Elite 3. Decided this week I'd see how high I could get and to be honest, it's felt like a real grind. I can see how people felt about the WL being 40 matches.

I'm assuming they include more resets at the weekend because of player activity but to me, the rigid nature of Squad Battles is holding it back. There are eleven resets per week, 1 per day Tuesday-Friday and 3 on Saturday/4 on Sunday.

I'd like to see them change it so you can reset your opponents eleven times during the week based on when you want to play your games. There are times when i'm in the mood to play SB and I can't get any games because I have to wait for another reset and there are times when I have to keep playing or I'll lose those opportunities to play and put myself at a disadvantage. I imagine it's also quite sucky if you like SB and you do other stuff or work on weekends.

I wouldn't even mind them lowering the rewards, if it meant we could be more flexible with the mode.


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