The many fifa 19 gk glitches

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1) when I make a save and someone shoots again my player makes the gk punch animation even if the ball is not close
2) when i rush to get the ball my player makes the animation of catching the ball in his hands when it's still didn't get close
3)when someone is crossing to the far post my player falls on the ground without me doing anything or even if i move the analogue in the opposite position
4)when i press triangle to rush at the ball but then my defender gets it my player keeps rushing at it when i even try to make him go back
5) THE MOST IMPORTANT sometimes my playes rushes at the ball alone and falls closing HIS LEGS which doesn't make any sense to close your legs when you are a goalkeeper, the goalkeeper must stretch his body to make it hard to score not to fall and the ball passes by!
I hope you put all these into consideration and hope to be fixed as soon as possible.
Thank you


  • Did you face the offside glitche that the worst
  • Yes i faced it. The glitch is that all the defenders move forward not that it's not offside
  • The worst ones are the long shots outside the box goalie jumps up and doesn’t save it and the one I’m continue to get is you move your right stick to make your keeper dive and instead he jumps up! Not to mention how difficult is to have a clean sheet even when your facing the worst team!
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    Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this, literally just had a nightmare in my last game, made a few good saves early on, 1-0 up until the 85th min, then the opposition take a shot from outside the box at an easy height for my keeper but instead of jumping towards the ball he jumps up in the air and they equalise, then last minute they play a ball over the top towards the wing so I come out to tighten the angle before they reach the ball and as he is about to shoot I move the right stick to where he is shooting but my keeper does a charging superman punch attempt and misses it completely, absolute madness :D
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