random disconnects

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gameplay has been so smooth for me today but I've suffered 4 random disconnects in division rivals and weekend league, two I got losses for and two games didn't count anyone suffering from this?


  • P1stolpete187
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    and another dc yet I didn't get a dnf or a loss.
  • 4 times now for me.
  • Parlabane
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    I had a disconnect in single player seasons! Slightly frustrating.
  • stest
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    I had about 10-15 disconnects this past WL, none of the games counted. It was very frustrating as I didn't have enough time to finish all 30 games due to this.

    The disconnection for me only happens in Div Rivals and WL, not in SB. Does anyone know a possible fix?

    I'm on PC and I had 0 problems in FIFA 18.
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