To many lucky goals.

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Is it just me but too many goals are scored from "flippers" inside of a box and too many flipper "dribles" leads to 1v1 chance?


  • tbf there is a lot of bounces that cause clear chances
  • salvadordali1
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    I mean in real life there is a lot of bounces too but for exsample when defender goas for a ball and there is noone behind him just goalie then he goes for the ball or/and for the foul just to be clear. This type of situations are exstreamly hard or inpossebile to implement into video game we all see why. I won and lost somany games for where i should lose or when i should win but two, three bounces and all the play is for nothing.

    Also All-out-of-attack or constant pressure tactic should ware players much more. Not a single team in the world can't cope with that kind of play for more than 20-30 minutes. But in fifa you can play this way up to 80th minute than fullbacks are out of stamina.

    After all great game, great idea, but some details after 50 games played are just too much to be ignored.
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