GK Fixes

  1. (BUG) GK's are sometimes frozen to their line on corner kicks.
  2. GK should not get penalized in their match rating just because their team performs well and they don't make many saves.
  3. GK who save a PK should get a massive bump in match rating.
  4. (BUG) When a ball comes into their box near the edge of the box, GK won't react or will dive early.
  5. (BUG) GK will sometimes treat a deflection as a pass back and won't pick up the ball.
  6. GK who make a save/parry the ball into an oncoming striker first get up and stand up fully before diving right away. When in fact, most GK will go from lying on the ground to "flop dive", they won't stand up fully before diving right away.
  7. Need to limit the length of the GK's, maybe put it as a trait. Not all GK's can kick that far.
  8. (BUG) R2/L2 to move the wall does not work. GK should be able to manage the wall.
  9. (BUG) GK have severe input lag when diving for PK/PK shoot outs.
  10. Not all saves are created equal. Match rating should award based on GK making a spectacular save that normally they shouldn't save, versus an easy save.


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