How's Busquets this year?

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I play 442(2) so two CDM'S. One being Vidal who is absolutely sensational for me. Really considering Busquets this year as pace isn't a massive factor anymore. Or are they both too slow as a pairing. Using a loan Saul currently who's playing class also. Or any other recommendations for La Liga Santander in CDM?


  • Stonebridge
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    Yes he is slow but very effective, this year i like the slow CDMs
  • Magnet
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    Used him for a few games as a lone CDM seemed pretty decent passing was good too I stuck a shadow on him didn't notice the pace to much
  • RemyS
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    I like him, he's often at the right place, decent tackles, and scoring more than I thought (always in the box, not long shots).
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