Gabriel Jesus?

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Yes or no? Looks superb stat wise

Can add him to a Firmino, Fabinho, Willian quad for green lines galore.

Really looking at best options to replace Morata


  • Roobar
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    Yes, maybe not the insane level he was last year but still does it all and scores for fun. For the price he's good value I think! The links are obviously great too
  • Hibee
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    I am using him and he is decent. As said above he does everything well. For those green links I would also point out Teixera thought. Feels very similar to Jesus and is around 1k!
  • Bvegas
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    Was also looking at IF Talisca
  • Chill
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    I packed the champions league version and he's a beast. Currently keeping firmino on the bench and I'm a Liverpool fan
  • Blackbird10
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    Got the CL version untradeable B)
  • Hibee
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    Bvegas wrote: »
    Was also looking at IF Talisca

    I actually have him up front with Jesus. Work great together.
  • Thehubby
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    Vardy is better and a lot cheaper
  • klaas9
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    NAhh not this year. Strength is now key for strikers; lukaku, lacazette, etc
  • Adifunky
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    He's good however despite his stats I find him terrible at passing... and that's the ucl version.
  • Bvegas
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    Thanks all.

    Will try Vardy and Laca
  • Jonboyparker
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    Have him untradable.

    Hes just not what he was I'm afraid... 3* WF is a big let down and he doesn't have anything else amazing that can carry him through it like the big boys. He's ok

    Laca is good by the way. Will last a bit longer than last year
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