Do you believe passing accuracy is the same every game?

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For your players that is.

Do you believe passing accuracy is the same every game? 25 votes

ReusAnDrEwThEdOnJoeAVFC1986PalacePinter 4 votes
No, EA influences this
Blarix 1 vote
No, because lag
RealMDavistoSkywalker XVII 3 votes
No, lag and EA influence
number7rockyKeanoScouserChrisCantona84TimRUFCWayneheathGreedy_MarcoThunder001Davvebingan 9 votes
Double yes
Men are superior
Only if EA wants me to lose
hrv97DaMMian 2 votes
Margot Robbie
NemCarswellRichardShakey JakeyTMaher7Grouchies 6 votes


  • realhokies
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    I refuse to vote.
  • Carswell
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    Margot Robbie
    realhokies wrote: »
    I refuse to vote.

    Apathy is a virus my lad
  • Grouchies
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    Margot Robbie
    I just love Margot Robbie..
  • Scutch
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    edited October 2018
    It simply cannot be. From kickoff at the start of every game pass back to the nearest player and use a power pass to distribute towards the winger on the touch line. I guarantee it will not be the same pass every time. If the game is going to go against you in any way, the ball will go out of play. I always know what sort of game I’m going to get when that happens :joy:
  • Keano
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    No, lag and EA influence
    It doesnt feel it but out of the reasons im not sure which
  • Whoman
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    It isn't and it shouldn't. You don't create the same situations (same, not similar) consistently every game and proximity of defenders, movement of your players and you button input are varying considerably game to game.
  • Ryno
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    Of course not. Just like in real life, two passes are never the exact same.

    However, depeding on how EA coded this, it could be done well or badly
  • Reus
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    Didn't notice Margot Robbie at the bottom

    Jumped the gun
  • Diggy
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    No RNG option
  • Skittles67
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    No but not any of those options. Because the game is made extremely poorly
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