Boateng - Hummels - Vogt - who's best bundesliga CB now?

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Do you have experience with these guys?
Vogt is solid and cheap. I'm using him right now and I wonder if there is a reason to change him.
Hummels seems to be great but his H/M workrates and 65 pace can be a problem.
Boateng is quite expensive and comparing his stats to Vogt I don't see he's worth 85k...
Any comments?


  • cashgrabloel
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    CL Nastasic is beast
    Süle and Tah

    Hummels was okay

    boateng not worth the cash just apply anchor chem to any defender listed above an u get a boateng for 2k coins
  • wrabesek
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    I have boateng and he seems 50/50. If he doesnt have good partner, he inst good.

    Also dont play Sule. He seems ok, be us strong!!! But one bad step and he almost falls down like Berlin wall. Almost impossible the turn with him and the very low balance makes things very hard. Played 20 with him and sold him (shadownchem style).
  • Yahoo1982
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    Atm I have Vogt + Rudiger + Sanchez (bundes/germ - germ/EPL - EPL) and they work really nice.
    I just wonder if there is a reason to change Vogt.
    Hmmm Tah looks really nice... Is he better than Vogt?
  • Mr. Soper
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    Started with Vogt, he is solid, but Hummels is way better. Hummels main plus side is his passing, and he is a brick. Haven't had any issues with him. Naldo is also a beast but a bit clunky
  • ICUP
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    Boateng, his interceptions and tackles are crazy. if it wasnt for the fact I changed my team around i would have kept him
  • Yahoo1982
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    Boateng is to expensive in my opinion at this moment. I'll check his price on Monday, after WL.
    Maybe I'll give a try Hummels... But his workrates...
  • Akinfenwaaaa
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    Naldo and Tah are fantastic.
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