Future of CL players

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In my opinion these are going to be very important cards for traders this year.
They've already been a gold mine for many this year (me included after spending 20k on poor players, and 70k on mid range ones that doubled my money at worst).

I can see them being used in many more SBCs, and possibly could be used in any Icon SBCs that appear.
Imagine having to make an 86 rated CL team... then having special packs with them in. 25k pack with 12 players and 1 of them is a CL player or something daft.
I'm going to buy when they're out of fashion and sell whenever they go up (yeah simple tactic).
Just sold all my non rares for 2200 after selling the rares for 9000 minimum.

Been doing the untradable CL players and card weight seems okay.
Jonas, Giminez and Savic aren't bad, plus Mendy who's usable.

What's everyone else's thoughts?
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