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I've decided to start a wishlist calling for EA to release us from all of the arbitrary restrictions in FIFA. All of those locked edit screens and absent edit functions should go into here. Please note this is for all things off the pitch. This is not an invitation for people to rant about manual controls. Off the pitch, where there should be very little reason, particularly for games v the computer, there should be minimal restrictions.

Such as....

a) Edits in Career Mode: The big one for me is that we should be able to edit anything we like in Career Mode. We should have full access to edit mode so we can do whatever we like in Career Mode after we've started; create new players, edit players, transfer players, take over opposition teams, change formations, picking starting line ups and generally have total control over the universe;

b) Edits Generally: Please remove all arbitrary restrictions on editing licensed content including players' names, appearances, ages and anything else that we might want to edit;

c) Created Players: Please lift the arbitrary restriction that limits us to only 30 created players;

d) Managers: When Mourinho gets fired it's going to be pretty frustrating for people who care about that sort of thing if he's still the Man Utd manager in the 15th year of Career Mode. Let us move managers to new clubs (or take licensed managers out of the game altogether if you can't do it right);

e) Squad sizes: Remove the arbitrary restriction that limits squad sizes to 26 or whatever and allow us to put as many players as we like in a squad. Equally, the lowest number should be 11 i.e. enough for a starting line up;

f) Match day squad sizes: We should be able to edit the size of match day squads so as to fix EA's oversight in relation to Serie A and other leagues with 22 man match day squads;

g) Fixtures: We should be able to re-arrange fixtures in Career Mode so that we can move e.g. the Italian Super Cup to the correct time in January or indeed move or re-arrange any fixtures;

d) Suspensions: We should be able to edit the number of cards required to get suspensions either to switch off suspensions entirely (if that's what floats our boat) or reduce the number of yellow cards required for suspensions (which I would do);

e) Europa/Champions League Groups: We should be able to put whatever teams we like in these groups and not be arbitrarily restricted to the teams that EA tells us must be in these groups such as Cardiff.

f) Formations: Please allow us to move players anywhere we want on the pitch when we are editing formation and remove the arbitrary restrictions which prevents us from having e.g. a DM in certain formations.

g) Variable formations: Once you enter the forbidden zone of kick off and then go back into tactics you'll notice that it's no longer possible to view your other formations in tactics (you know, to see what positions your players are in) because the little icon in the top left hand corner of the screen is greyed out. So to find out you need to go back into the match, switch formations and then come back into tactics to see your formation. As a general rule EA, just don't grey things out. If things are in the game leave them. For this, it's just one of those silly little, unnecessary restrictions in the game.

h) Kick off times: Someone else made this point but seriously? Why would this be restricted. In fact in Career Mode we should have the exact same options as we have in Exhibition Mode because it's us against the machine and machines don't care we if we cheat or want to change things to suit ourselves.

As a general rule, if EA is tempted to put a restriction on this or that, just don't. Don't go to the trouble of writing a little code that greys out this option or restricts that. Stop being control freaks. On the pitch by all means let's have some rules but off the pitch we need as much freedom as possible.

What other arbitrary restrictions have people come across?

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    Interesting how an entire post on kick off times gets more comments than a post inviting suggestions on removing arbitrary restrictions in the game which include restrictions on changing kick off times.....
  • Sami1999
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    This thread needs more attention.
  • MaldinisHeir
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    Well this thread is as dead as the restart button that for some reason is greyed out in Career Mode. You know, in case you cheat against.....yourself?

    i) Greyed out restart button Greyed out restart button in Career Mode which is possible to overcome by simply closing down the game and restarting again.....I know I shouldn't restart (I can of course, it being my game) but I do feel dirty. But I also feel angry when I lose 3: 0 to Napoli and re-start and win 3:1 with the same team, playing the exact same way, except angrier and shoutier. Nothing suspicious there. And maybe we just need to restart sometimes when my wife walks in front of the TV?

    j) Seriously only one scout can scout a country at a time? Why is there a random restriction around where you can send scouts? I mean the whole scouting system is just one set of completely arbitrary rules that I really cannot be bothered with but why can't I have two scouts go to Italy at the same time? Is Italy, the country, not big enough for two people?
  • MaldinisHeir
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    Well...this....discussion's going well......

    So freedom. I want some, clearly everyone else is happy in their prisons. Fine.

    This discussion does have a practical application, you know.

    Lucas Paquetà's just signed for Milan and I don't think he's in the game so I'm going to have to make him. I need to re-start my Career Mode just to sign one player. How ridiculous is that?

    Why can't I just create the player and he appears in my Career Mode?

    Every little mistake, every little niggle we notice once we start a career can NEVER be undone. We're stuck with these issues. For no reason.
  • Wessam_Salah
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    there are some mods that makes the game more interesting and unlock edit and all other hidden stats at least on pc, i have ronaldo as striker beside salah and rivaldo, ronaldinho as cam and carlos as LB , also transfered icons to all big teams to be more fun, i don't know why you can't do this in base game from start and you should use cheat tables and mods to do it. why don't we have full access to the content we paid for?
  • PPerfect_CJ
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    It's not that we don't care. We should be able to do pretty much anything we want with our offline Career Mode just like every other sports game that's out there, these days. FIFA is by far the most rigid. I think we just know that no one from EA with any CLOUT, at least, is ever here to read this stuff, or if they are, they don't really give a crap what we want. Sad but true. :(
  • MaldinisHeir
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    K) Selecting a thrower Ok this isn't an off the pitch issue but it is a bizarre restriction. Why can't we choose a thrower? It is kind of important. If your CB or CF take a throw in they're out of position. Some players, heaven forbid, might be better at throwing than others. I should be able to choose both before and during the game. There's no shortage of buttons. Just a shortage of freedom.
  • MaldinisHeir
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    FIFA is by far the most rigid

    If they're this rigid off the pitch how rigid must they be on the pitch? How rigid must the stuff we don't see be?

    There's definitely a sense of extreme control freakery going on.
  • MaldinisHeir
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    I'm just going to keep the most interesting discussion alive.....


    i) We can't loan out players we've just bought. That's right we can land on the moon but we cannot write software that allows a person to sign a player and immediately loan them out.....

    Oh and I'd like to add to one above:

    f) Match day squad sizes: So there is an option in Custom Tournaments to decide whether you have 5 or 7 subs. Now I'm not sure any league has 5 subs anymore but having gone to the trouble of giving us that option they don't think to give us the option of 12 subs??? Do people at EA genuinely not know that Serie A and Erdedivisie have bigger match day squads? Like I accept it's nerdy thing to know but like, if I was developing a football game, if I was being paid to develop a football game, I'd want to know the rules, like. Come on. And if I wasn't sure, why would I restrict something that doesn't need restricting???
  • MaldinisHeir
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    It seems that people are happy with the total lack of freedom in the game. Fine. But I'm not. And I'm taking a stand even if it means that I'm the only one posting on this discussion.....

    But seriously what is the deal with EA's "War on Editing"? It is like a constant fight to edit the smallest thing in the game.

    When you start a Career Mode EA set numerous **** traps to undo all of our edits. It's bizarre.

    The first time they try and get you is when you enter Career Mode and the game just starts automatically downloading the latest squads which then undo all edits. Why is this an "automatic feature"? If someone has gone to the trouble of editing a load of stuff do you think they're the sort of person who wants to start a Career Mode without all of those edits? I've not done a survey but at a guess 99% of people who edit stuff want the edits to remain in Career Mode which is the whole point of editing stuff.....

    If you manage to escape the first **** trap Indian Jones style EA then gives you a riddle to choose between "Initial Squads" and "Current Squads" in the Career Mode options menu. Now Konami have an excuse for their weird icon and menus because they're Japanese but EA are American so should understand the subtleties of the English language. What the hell do "Initial Squads" and "Current Squads" mean? If you press "Initial Squads" it then gives you an option to, again, undo all of the edits and if you're not paying attention that's it, all the edits are undone again. So twice the game tries to undo your edits that you spent hours working on. What is wrong with these people? The secret (and it really is a secret) is to go with "Current Squads" (Note to EA: A better description would be "Edited Squads") then you might, just might, have your edited squads.

    However, the jury is still out on that because I created Lucas Paquetá for my Milan career and he's there in the first season but has remarkably disappeared in the second season. I need to check this because I had simmed to the second season to see if the edits had actually worked and he was gone from my Milan team. I'm hoping he still exists and for some stupid reason his contract ran out after 1 year. I'll update this post once I get a chance to check.

    Am I really the only person who feels like EA have basically created a prison when it comes to editing or changing features of the game?
  • MaldinisHeir
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    Yep, yep, yep. Lucas Paquetá, a player I created, disappears from the game after one season.

    BANNED. We are not allowed have created players in Career Mode apparently. That's bad. It's very, very, very bad. Shame on me. Shame on me for trying to edit the game. To challenge EA's perfection. Bad me.

    Well that's it. There won't be a Career Mode for me.
  • MaldinisHeir
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    Where to begin?

    So Career Mode is out because you can't actually have any created players in your second season. The whole of Career Mode is just one arbitrary restriction after the other. Everything about it is just rules; who you're allowed to play in pre-season, what stupid training drills you have to do (is anyone else seeing the ridiculous props they're using?), what order the fixtures are, what happens to youth team players who can just leave your team without any input, rules about where you can send scouts and an arbitrary restriction preventing you from sending more than one to a country.....rules, rules, rules, rules - it's exhausting.

    So I leave Career Mode to the freedom of Tournaments. More rules. Since there's no transfer system I thought, hey, I'll play half a season and do my own transfers! Don't think. Never think. Never leave the box. EA do not think there's anything slightly wrong with all of the fixtures (the fixtures that we have no say in setting) being played between August and October. None. EA, you're happy with that? Nothing to see there? Really?

    Rules, rules, rules, rules - and I'm officially exhausted.

    There's simply nowhere for me to play offline. All of the offline options are deeply flawed because of all of the rules. So my only option is to use Football Manager to sim seasons and I'll play them in Exhibition Mode where I have some degree of FREEDOM.

    Enjoy prison. Thank you all for your contributions.
  • Truthurts
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    meanwhile in PES you can have edited everything in the game
  • MaldinisHeir
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    Truthurts wrote: »
    meanwhile in PES you can have edited everything in the game

    Yes that’s what attracts me to PES. The problem with PES is the gameplay. And I say that as a former PES player who only came to FIFA in 2016 when there were no longer fouls in PES. When I played the demo I noticed the AI only scored low crosses so it put me off.
  • daviec
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    Truthurts wrote: »
    meanwhile in PES you can have edited everything in the game

    Yes that’s what attracts me to PES. The problem with PES is the gameplay. And I say that as a former PES player who only came to FIFA in 2016 when there were no longer fouls in PES. When I played the demo I noticed the AI only scored low crosses so it put me off.

    Konami just announced a gameplay patch to address the low crosses, it'll be released next Thursday.
  • Rossi1000
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    Only took Konami nearly 3 months to fix it acceptable patching time frame smh

  • Redmob
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    Fabulous rants.
  • Yep. I'm totally with you on this.

    1) Before doing a career mode I will edit the stadium names of the leagues I'm going to be using. Takes a while when doing countries with 2/3 leagues. I then went into career mode as my chosen team and noticed in the first game it said 'Ivy Lane' i thought wtf? Went back into edit stadiums and it had reset all the stadium names. I have realised it happens when it resets the squads at the start of cm so I always avoid this.

    I also noticed that in last years game, when you went into the world cup mode this also re-setted the squads/edits.

    2) when I'm doing a league one career mode I do NOT want to have Alan Smith tell me, midway through the game about how Koke has joined Bayern or something. I also do not want to see the other transfers pop up in the 'news' section as they have made a mess of the transfer market (particularly for the bigger clubs stockpiling full backs).

    I would like to be able to have control over the transfers as it just kills it off for me seeing the stupid transfers they have programmed in the game.

    3) ONE YEAR CONTRACTS, this is getting really tedious. Too many players (particularly free agents or young players aged 17-21) will ask for a 1 year deal? really bro? then you can counter with a 2 year deal and they always agree. It's the exact same negotiation every time man. "It's been a pleasure until the next time, take care".

    4) I hate most of the generic manager faces. There is only two of them that I like to use which is the bald middle aged guy (the less angry looking one) or the younger looking dark haired one.

    You have the Blonde haired older guy who's face I can't stand, then the dark haired guy with the shifty looking eyes, Morgan Freeman or some 90 year old man. WHY can't we be able to create a custom manager, really baffles me why we don't have the option. And give us a better choice of tracksuits.

    5) edit stadiums. Should be able to make the generic stadiums a bit bigger/smaller or change the colour of the seats/pillars. I'm playing as Coventry in CM and Molton Road is too small for them, but Sanderson Park is slightly too big, being able to expand Molton Road by 5-10k would be ideal. Or to make it slightly smaller for certain teams.

    6) generic gk kits. I initially chose Portsmouth for a league one career mode but noticed they did not have a proper gk kit and it bothered me to the point where I had to exit and pick a new team. It just looks SO tinpot man especially when you get them to the premier league. I soon realised that in league 1/2, only Bradford, Coventry, Sunderland and Wycombe have their actual gk kits in the game!

    At least provide some nike/adidas/umbro templates for gk kits if they cannot be bothered to add them in themselves ffs.

    7) create a player. I agree, why is it limited to 30? I remember in the last game when you created a player sometimes they would have a 2d portrait of a random real life player! Like why can't we decide this.

    8 I noticed the same issue in tournaments last year. I put together a 22 team league and there were two games played per week from Aug-December. Surely WE should be able to decide this sort of thing.

  • elcapitan379
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    Pace to mean something
  • MORE things I also don't like

    9) FREE AGENTS. There are about 250 free agents in menu mode, yet we are given a very limited choice in career mode. A few of these players are decent enough and you can put together a reasonable team with them. But the choice just seems so samey, every year. Most of them don't have photos either which I really don't like.

    How hard is it to find pictures of them ea? I did a quick google search and players such as Cameron Howieson, Nicosur Bancu and Holmar Eyjolffson do indeed have plenty of photos that they could use.

    One thing as well I noticed is that a lot of the free agents from menu mode are not available for you to sign in career mode but other teams are allowed to sign them. Again, why?

    10) being able to edit youth player names. I've mentioned this before but it really bugs me when you get blonde haired white players with Arabian/Korean names, why can't we edit this! Also you get 16 year olds who look about 30, again we should have the choice to edit their face.

    11) league tables. In a premier league season they ALWAYS have Arsenal/Chelsea having a terrible start and they are usually in the bottom 4 around Christmas, Watford are usually at the top then it tends to take shape later on but it's a bit annoying when this always occurs,

  • bradymcbrady_2
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    12) why would Shanghai Shenhua or Gremio come in for my random league one players also? I'm sure this never used to happen in previous fifa's.
  • MaldinisHeir
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    One of my problems was fixed in the update!

    g) Variable formations: we can now access the different Game Plans in the formations menu during a match!

    Unfortunately the patch didn’t free us from any of the other arbitrary restrictions and created players still disappear after the first season.
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