Pogba or KDB?

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Hi all.

Deciding who to centre my team around? Pogba (400k) or KDB (320k).

Will play CCAM with Dembele and Allan at CDM.

Do you think prices might drop after this WL? Not an issue to wait.



  • Seahawks1
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    At CAM, KDB 100%
  • Wizbit81
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    use Firmino, much cheaper and just as good, save your coins! get Kane upfront though, i've used maybe 30 strikers and he is the very best
  • Seahawks1
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    Not used KDB so can't compare but agreed Firmino is a beast. I play him in behind Kane and they are both great. Plus Firmino can be used on the wing, CAM, up front, and would do a job at CM if needed, which is really handy
  • Roobar
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    I want to say KDB being a fan in real life but I've tried both and it's pogba. For a few reasons, one he plays CAM and CM both so well so you have that flexibility and two he has that bit of something extra like his animations etc sometimes just does something amazing in a game that makes you enjoy it
  • deang07
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    not tried kdb tbh but hes prob gr8.
    however ive used pogba nif for 70 plus games and the cl card for around 30 and hes just ridiculous.
    im not over hyping him i use him cam in 4231 and he is the boss . skills, bullys, scores loads , assists loads won me alot of games i shouldnt have won hes silly this yr.
  • Thuq
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    KDB all day long.
  • SH4UN
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    Just packed KDB in Under the Lights SBC. Might build a team around him and see how he goes
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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  • Darkwing1708
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    Pogba by far
  • BatmansAGeordie
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    Pogba seems obscene this year.
  • Mr_Matchup1
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    Tried both and thought they were good but not worth the coins at this stage litmanen,s 88 was better than both
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