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I love playing seasons , always do its so much smoother than UT which is just riddled with circus carnage football.

However I am extremely dissapponted that the Champions League and Europa league are not in this mode, how hard would it be to make that if 2 teams who are in the Champions league or europa league meet then it becomes that particular tournament match .

Winning the champions league is a massive plus for fifa but its really disappointing the only modes you can llay it is career mode or just playing an offline tournement.


  • AeolianVII
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    totally agree.Ive also made a thread about this.
    Gaming nowadays is more online competitive.Only a few play offline which i find boring cause you
    can learn the exact patterns of the AI and win in the toughest mode.
    So not having champions league and europa online is just pure laziness!
    It was so much advertised just for nothing...
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