Is Squad Battles the worst UT game mode?

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It's boring as hell. Every match no matter what difficulty you put it on it's opponent with 10 players in their own box while you try and pass it around, eventually get tackled by some supersonic defender then they either play like Barca and ping it all over to score their one shot on target all game or you win it back and repeat.

Don't think I've had an enjoyable squad battles match yet this year.


  • Tubpac
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    Never played it. Dont enjoy playing against the CPU. Bores the hell out of me
  • Nobber93
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    Go online and tell me that’s fun haha. The SBs actually makes the AI defending for children and ping pong in the middle fun haha
  • zakarumesmes
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    I actually liked it last year, problem is that getting into top 100 is impossible and getting elite 1 is too easy
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