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So here we are again, this mode hasn't been updated now for nearly 10 years! Please EA at least improve it for us offline players to give us the options "in-game" that the data reviewers get behind the scenes, like the cold weather option (This will fix the winter gear bug!) and changing a player's celebration, Fellaini's real life celebration is in the game but not set too him by default and I cant manually give it him! Also Lukaku has been wrongly set a triple moonsault celebration that we cant fix!? Also, players running styles, free-kick / penalty stances, generic player faces etc should all be editable!! This mode is in dire need of a complete revamp, here are a few suggestions on how Edit / Create Player should look:

* New type of colour: Same as kit. We should choose the colour "Same as Kit" for all accessories like Wrist Tape / Gloves / Ankle Tape. Here are examples of players with accessories with the same colour as the kit colour (Pogba etc)

(Giving players red wrist tape doesn't work, as when in different colour away or 3rd kit they still wear red wrist tape and it looks unrealistic!)


But this is what happens when they wear Away kit, 3rd kit or the player gets transferred to another team who wears a different colour home kit in Career Mode:

(PES has an option for Wrist Tape / Gloves / Ankle Tape that fixes this bug. It basically assigns the colour of the accesories to match the kit colour they are playing in, just like Undershirts currently do..


* Coloured Gloves: Even when you do put them on players, again, the Same As Kit option is needed to match away and 3rd kit colours" or you end up with the same bug as above ^


But this is what happens if you give a Chelsea player Blue gloves when they wear Away kit, 3rd kit, or the player gets transferred to another team in Career Mode:


A fix to this would be for player to ONLY wear coloured gloves for their home kit, if they wear the away or 3rd kit the gloves should default to BLACK.. Same if they get transferred!

* Undershorts: Why are they defaulted to every single player in Fifa, and only when it rains, snows or is overcast? Add them as an option! Lampard wore them all year round like Rooney does with the undershirt.. Add long undershorts too? That Robben wears for example.. (They would be a winter option just like Gloves are)


* 3/4 rolled up sleeves like this following example: (You have Ronaldo wearing them on your Fifa 19 cover!!)


* Undersocks: Players very often cut their kits football socks and wear their own WHITE socks underneath, please add this:


* Game Face: Why cant we use Game Face to apply a face to generic players / created players? This way the community could create a lot of faces for players who don't have one, and share them?

* Generic Player Faces: Why can't we edit generic player faces? If you can't give them custom faces at least let us edit them to make them slightly resemble the player!!

* 3D beards!? Please add them! Like this:


* Add generic tattoos to put on our Pro / Created Player like in the Journey:


* Add more player positions? Like I wanted to make a created player with just the CM position, but you can only make him a CAM or CDM. Add a second and third position so you can make a player seem more dynamic. So you can give a player the following:

Position 1 (Natural): CM
Position 2: CAM
Position 3: CDM

* Hairstyles: Don't you think it's a about time we can at least change a player's hairstyle ourselves? If a player changes his hair in real life, we shouldn't have to wait 5 years for you to update him, we could simply do it ourselves, even something so simple as changing Falcao's headband from the default black colour to a white one like he wore for Man Utd should be editable! And why aren't these hairstyles from The Journey available in Edit / Create Player:


* Player Masks: Add the mask players wear when they break their nose / cheekbone..


* Potential Stat: Please add this so we can edit a players Potential ourselves, just like we can edit their sprint speed etc.

* Cold Weather Gear Option: Data Reviewers get the option to manually edit a players Cold Weather Gear.. Add this in to Edit / Create Player! This would fix the Cold Weather Gear bug!!

* Revert a Player to Default: When we save a player, we can't them revert him back to his default appearance? So if we notice these bugs (Winter Gear & De Gea examples) and save him, were stuck with how he has been saved, a simple “Default Player” option wouldn't go a miss so we can at least revert your mistakes....

* Player Name Audio: How about you add first and last names to the audio, for Create / Edit Player and also Manager / Player Career Mode so you can be referred to in commentary by your full name? Other games have this..

This is how Edit Player should look with the new options:

* Player Face: (Editable only if generic)
* Game Face: On or Off
* Facial Hair: Including new 3D Beard types
* Boots:
* Hairstyle:
* Sleeve Length: Short, Long or 3/4
* Tight Kits: Off, On or Team Default (And I suggest setting this option to the actual teams who wear these kits not the individual players who play for them, so set tight kits to Arsenal and not their players like Podolski for example, as now he is still wearing a tight Kit for Inter Milan, which him nor Inter actually wear! He only wore one at Arsenal because their kits are Techfits! So players should have Kit Style set as default not Normal or Tight Kit.. You need to set Tight Kit option to Clubs NOT players!)
* Undershirt: On, Off or Winter Only (Setting it to On would see players wear it all year round, like Rooney does, and Winter Only would wear short or long sleeves in the summer, and an undershirt in the winter - which is essentially the Cold Weather Gear option)
* Undershorts: On, Off, Winter Only
- Undershorts Length: Short or Long (Robben style)
* Gloves: On, Off, Winter Only
- Colour: Black, Same As Kit (Currently White is the default colour, this also need changing to Black!!)
* Wrist Tape Left: Off or On
- Colour: White, Same As Kit (whatever the default kit colour is, this would get round players like Reus who wears yellow when playing in Dortmunds home kit, and black when in their away kit! Just like you automatically set the undershirts / undershorts colour to match the colour of the shirts / shorts)
* Wrist Tape Right: Off or On
- Colour: White, Same As Kit
* Sweat Band: Same as above ^
* Hand Bandage: Same as above ^
* Bracelet: Same as above ^
* Headband Colour: If applicable (Falcao etc)
* Mask: On or Off (Lewandowski)
- Mask Colour: Black, White etc..
* Running Celebration 1:
* Finishing Celebration 1:
* Running Celebration 2:
* Finishing Celebration 2:
* Running Style:
* Free-Kick Stance:
* Penalty Stance:
* Default Player: Yes / No

Can you please pass this on @EA_Andy @EA_Cian @EA_Aidan
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  • enigmatic_83
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    Why can I only hit the like button once!!!! Would be amazing to see these ideas added to the game. Sadly I can't see it happening anytime soon.
  • Great article! You forgot the under sock though.
  • TeamExtreme17
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    gavros7070 wrote: »
    Great article! You forgot the under sock though.

    Whats that? You mean oversock that players wore instead of ankle tape? That doesnt realy matter anymore, just like ankle tape, as they have to be the same colour as the sock anyway..
  • TeamExtreme17
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    gavros7070 wrote: »

    Yeah thats just players cutting their kits sock, so they can wear their own, as a lot complain they dont like the feel of their kits socks on their feet, haha.. (I used to do the same when i played)
  • gavros7070 wrote: »
    Great article! You forgot the under sock though.

    Whats that? You mean oversock that players wore instead of ankle tape? That doesnt realy matter anymore, just like ankle tape, as they have to be the same colour as the sock anyway..

    Too many players still doing this. I'm watching Porto vs Galatasaray right now and Belhanda for example ,wearing a white sock with his teams default.

  • TeamExtreme17
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    gavros7070 wrote: »
    gavros7070 wrote: »
    Great article! You forgot the under sock though.

    Whats that? You mean oversock that players wore instead of ankle tape? That doesnt realy matter anymore, just like ankle tape, as they have to be the same colour as the sock anyway..

    Too many players still doing this. I'm watching Porto vs Galatasaray right now and Belhanda for example ,wearing a white sock with his teams default.

    Yeah i agree, i will add it :)

    Edit Added, along with a couple of other suggestions.
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  • DelboyIRA
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    First, at all, they should fix bug when you edit a player who is under 19 years old suddenly he becomes a 57 years old player!
  • TeamExtreme17
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    DelboyIRA wrote: »
    First, at all, they should fix bug when you edit a player who is under 19 years old suddenly he becomes a 57 years old player!

    Is this still not fixed!?
  • DelboyIRA
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    DelboyIRA wrote: »
    First, at all, they should fix bug when you edit a player who is under 19 years old suddenly he becomes a 57 years old player!

    Is this still not fixed!?

    It was active in FIFA 18, but I to scared to try it on FIFA 19
  • Herbski
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    All of these are good points. The things that bother me the most about create a player are the following, I know you mentioned most of these in your post already though. (I also assume nothing changed since FIFA 18 because I haven't actually played 19 yet).

    1. The positions - you can't create certain positions, and can't assign multiple positions to a player. More of a cosmetic thing because I don't think it actually matters on the field - but still.

    2. You can't edit a created players's potential - it is always 99 for career mode.

    3. I also don't think you can edit a player's composure attribute either (at least in 18 you couldn't)

    4. You can't assign traits to a created player - this is probably the worst of them all. Why can't you assign players traits? Makes no sense. Especially since you can earn traits for player career mode where you control only the one player. So obviously they are available to be added to created players, just build it into the create player menu. Madden you can assign traits to created players as well so why not in FIFA?

    5. You can't specifically set a player's skill moves rating, it is just assigned based off of the dribbling and (I think) agility attribute. Like all players above 81 dribbling and 76 agility get 5* skills (or something along those lines).

    I feel like a lot of this is done on purpose to make people play FUT and scrap the offline modes. If people can't customize as much as they want to play career mode how they like it - people will turn to FUT instead. It actually worked with me, although at least I was smart enough NOT to spend real money on FUT. But if FIFA 19 had a legit career mode and more customization options I probably would have already gotten the game.
  • Steffolovitch
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    This is the best I've read all day. Thank you, really great ideas.

    I am mostly annoyed by the lack of starheads to top players and top talents and the fact that a player with short sleeves can't be edited to wear long sleeves during the winter. If I edit him to long sleeves, he will wear this during the summer and go back to the short sleeves, when winter is coming. The same problem was in FIFA 18, which is totally opposite to FIFA 17, where an edited player with long sleeves would have long sleeves all year. Your "on/off/winter only" would fix this issue immediately!


    You are probably right that EA does not want the offline modes to be too good, because they want the customers to play FUT. But to me, I don't give a damn about FUT, and I never will. I only play the career mode, and for now I make do with the realism, I can get. The Champions League is a nice addition, and the increasing amount of starheads, all though we can all agree that many more are wanted. But at some point, if FUT continues to be EA's only priority, I will try to find out if PES has a career mode that is worth a try.
  • TeamExtreme17
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    Marx360 wrote: »
    This is a serious company that produces sports games and this is called editor to create players in 2019 with video games in 4k and if you say that your motto is authenticity.

    Learn Ea Sports Learn.

    Nba2k19 editor create player

  • few things I've noticed as I've been creating some players this week as I'm getting bored of career mode.

    1. the obvious one is that we can only create 30 players. WHY

    2. There is a character limit on surnames. If I wanted to give my player a double barrelled surname like Oxlade-Chamberlain or Wright-Phillips then I wouldn't be able to! I would have to shorten it down to Ox-Chamberlain or something. Why is there a limit on this?

    3. You can't change eyebrow colour.

    4. This has been an issue in previous games but I haven't noticed it yet in 19. Sometimes you create a player and go into their team to have a look for them, they have been assigned a 2D portait of a random youth player from real life such as Ejaria from Liverpool. If I wanted to assign my created player a 2d portrait then let us decide, don't just randomly give us faces without warning.

    5. One thing I don't like either is that assigning players a kit number is a hassle! Say I created a youth player for Chelsea and gave him the number 29. If a real life player has that number then the kit numbers throughout the team get moved around. There should be a simpler way to change kit numbers (like in career mode) rather than having to go in and out of 'club transfers' to see which numbers players have already.
  • Very good ideas mate. Can't disagree with anything you have suggested if i'm honest. I am truly getting sick and tired of EA's excuse for poor 'customization' if you can even call it that. As you said, it's been pretty much 10 years and the customization hasn't changed much which is diabolical. Can you imagine if another game had that kind of record? Unheard of. Anyway, I think EA needs to take a leaf out of PES' book. I have both FIFA & PES 19 and PES blows Fifa out the water in terms of customization. Let's pray, once again, that someone actually takes on board what their community is saying. It is their job after all...
  • MOES98
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    Why even talk about create player improvement in fifa, when a bug make the feature useless (created players will disappear from your career mode after one season).

    Im not disagreeing at all, it should be a lot better than it is now, but its clear that i ea does not want this because it cant be used online, so its a win win for them to make a bug which also **** up career mode.
  • Sorry but nothing will change in fifa 20 generic face edit mode, cause EA just focusing on FUT. That's why they won't change offline modes like NBA 2K 2019 beautiful.
  • MaldinisHeir
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    My dream (yes I have a dream) is to one day play a game that allows you to edit anything you want, any time you like, anywhere you like.

    There shouldn't be a seperate edit mode. You should be able to click on a player, a team or anything and just start editing there and then. And you should be able to edit anything. Name, age, face, legs, hands, whatever, If it exists, if it has been created by the developers, we should be able to edit or undo it.

    This way you could edit as you go along. We've all started Career Modes and noticed mistakes or things we'd like to fix. We should be able to do that. We see something we don't like - we edit it. Nobody could ever complain because we could change anything we're not happy with.
  • Great Post!! Player edit mode is pathetic.. All fifa devs have to do is copy and paste PES edit mode but add tattoos with new beard and hair styles.. Can't believe its 2019 and in fifa we still can't choose summer and winter attire options for players.. Terrible
  • TeamExtreme17
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    I can't even put hand tape on Raul Giminez of Wolves to match the kit colour :D i can only use Yellow to get the closet match.. Give us the "Same As Kit" colour option for accessories EA!!!!! @EA_Andy @EA_Cian
  • TeamExtreme17
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    I've noticed playing the Women's World Cup DLC that some women have shorter shorts? Why isnt this option available for men? It would make each player individually stand out as not everyone wears shorts to their knees..

    Shorter shorts would look great with a tighter fit shirt..
  • MaldinisHeir
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    I can't even put hand tape on Raul Giminez of Wolves to match the kit colour :D i can only use Yellow to get the closet match.. Give us the "Same As Kit" colour option for accessories EA!!!!! @EA_Andy @EA_Cian

    So many arbitrary limitations....

    Because I am using Football Manager as my base to create my own universe, I am just noticing so many arbitrary restrictions.

    I won the Champions League and was playing in the World Club Cup so I thought rather than using Exhibition Mode I'll create a 4 team tournament...but I couldn't get the fixtures matched up with my Football Manager game so I had to give up.....

    There was also no option to play an unofficial cup final in Exhibition Mode. It has to be something like the Champions League final or FA Cup final or something. I decided I wanted my trophy celebration so I created 2 team tournament in Tournament mode so I could at least play the final .
  • A feature that is in PES but desperately needed in FIFA, the ability to edit cold weather gear. Teams like Tottenham and Aston Villa specifically do not appear to manufacture long sleeve kits, and therefore it is odd to bring in players with long sleeve kits without the ability to change it. As well, players who wear undershirts or long sleeve kits all or part of the year, when you give some players long sleeves or undershirts when the cold weather comes around they revert to short sleeves which makes zero sense.

    Also the ability to match tape, gloves, and other accessories to primary and secondary kit colors like in the Madden series. Regarding tape, the ability to change the amount of tape used instead of being forced to use sweat bands to emulate smaller tape jobs.

    Another option that PES has that FIFA needs is the ability to edit generic faces, especially hair and beard, and the ability to edit the beards of scanned faces like in the NHL series. I would also like the ability to use retired or removed player scanned faces in create player and as managers. For example, Ryan Mason is plenty young enough to still be in the league barring his horrific career ending injury but if I wanted him for my career mode as a player or manager I should be able to create him with his scanned face.

    On the topic of managers, you should be able to create managers as well as more finely edit what they wear, as in not only what they wear but what color, what shoes, what hat, what type of fit, and adding logos.

    Player position editing also needs an improvement. The ability to change players 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc positions and the ability to make players CM, LW, RW, etc which currently are unavailable in create or edit player

    A partnership with Transfermarkt could make a lot of sense using their Rumour Mill to create more realistic CPU transfers which were supposedly perfected in a recent title update but I have seen no improvement in realism of player movement. An algorithm should be put in place that more strongly takes into account player nationality of the player being transferred with the nationality of the buying club and of it's players. For example, Derby County's Richard Keogh of Ireland is often seen transferred to smaller Italian clubs which is highly unlikely in real life and therefore should be transferred to an English club or a club with Irish players. You should also be able to immediately loan out new players as you used to be able to in the FIFA series and only have to wait until the next transfer window in order to buy newly transferred players. Using Transfermarkt's records of past kit numbers, CPU transfers could also get more realistic kit numbers at their new club if a previous number of theirs is available.

    On the topic of player movement, an added feature to the manual player movement menu would be the ability to terminate loans, make loans permanent, or send players out on loan instead of only the ability to make player movement permanent.

    In career mode, when signing players to your youth squad, their 2D portraits should adapt their teams kit, which I know is possible as it occurs in player career mode but not in manager career mode.

    As far as kits, the ability to choose non league number fonts for teams that qualify for the champions league or europa league in future seasons. As well, the ability to specifically choose sock and short colors when selecting a kit. More than one goalkeeper kit is also a feature in PES I believe that should be added to FIFA and the ability to select which one will be used in each game. Another suggestion would be to add customized tracksuits for the players on the bench instead of the generic, kit color matching ones that often are an eye sore.

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to the progression of the FIFA series and especially Career Mode.

    @EA_Andy @EA_Cian @EA_Aidan I hope these recommendations are thoughtfully considered, and thank you for your time.
  • TeamExtreme17
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    Can this be moved to the Fifa 20 section too please @Alastair
  • FIFER_19
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    Buy the game on PC, and you can do this all + 10000x more
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