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Not been on for awhile, I only get FIFA every couple of years so skipped 18. Read a few comments on here but all I can say is that at the moment I am really enjoying it. Played a bit of career mode, and into my 3rd Season on Seasons mode, played a few cup games the 1st weekend and actually won the cup twice! (EA Shield?) which I was amazed at. 2nd cup win was a tad jammy to be fair, the other player gave me a bit of a battering but I somehow won 3-2. Anyway the reason for my post is I noticed last night that the player ratings for my team had dropped for a few of the players since I last played (I was playing as Liverpool) and notice that Salah, Alexander-Arnold & Robertsons ratings had dropped a few points and that Gomez had gone up.

I dont recall seeing this before in seasons. Is this purely because FIFA have tweaked the player ratings across the board for everyone?

Also an aside has anyone had many issues with disconnections? so far in seasons I have lost 6 times and 4 of those have been because the connection has cut out on me. I am wireless but dont normally have an issue but if it keeps up and I am going to have to run an ethernet cable to it instead.


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    The drop or increase of ratings depends on the teams form in real life. So if Messi scores a hattrick, his rating will go up. If ter Stegen makes a mistake that leads to a goal his rating will drop.
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    Thank you, thought that might be the case but hadnt seen that happen before. I thought for a moment Salah had dropped from 90 because I havent been playing very well with him!!
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    I also wonder why then they have done that. I'd say A-A and Robertson have had excellent starts to the season for Liverpool but they've gone down. Fabinho on the other hand who hasn't had much of a look in yet remains at 85. Weird.
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