Input lag/delay, the list of all my changes !



  • BeardedBerk
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    Doesn't seem to understand the "ONLY FIFA" part that people have issues with, every other game runs as it should
  • jajce quit with this "potato" internet **** isp is very fast, yet i have 2 sec input delay which makes the game unplayable.. since i dont want to play single player this game feel useless to me and the sad thing is that there is no response from EA to notify us if they working on the solution of the problem.. so i ask!? is it worth to wait and keep trying or will the game stays like that.. EA please RESPOND!!!!!!!
  • greif44
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    Your PC is connected directly through cable or wireless connection?

    My ISP is really good and speed is more than decent, I`ve never had issues with any games online but FIFA. In 17 and 18 I was not able to play WL until I plugged cable directly to PC. No issues since that
  • jonas2173
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    there is nothing to argue about that the servers are bad. and they get easily overloaded. rarly i have input delay but the players and movement, skills ( whatever) gets very sluggish and slow.

    in about 40% of the games i have this problem and many more have it aswell. Thats why so many use AI defending , Constant pressure, and counter attack. these tactics are the only thing that works consistant with bad servers so people try to adapt and the result is truly **** and bore soccer games where you feel like you play against a computer due to everyone doing the same
  • hello, I have exactly the same symptoms (latency) in each forum there is always the majority of people who evoke the same problem and only what people have no problem .. what shocks me is that the few people who say they do not meet any lag do not talk about their brand or configuration of the router or the country where they live if they are wired or wifi .. what bothers me is not to have a problem is rather not to see or have the solution from people who have no problem! because if people who have no latency neither online nor offline could give us his information we could target and find common points (example: a country, a continent) can be all those who have no latency live in the same country which is to say that this game for example is not for European! I think that's what's important when you understand that this game is not playable because of your rental so you know that unfortunately you can never play properly and enjoy playing since you will never play legally! so gentlemen who have no problem gambling talk about place of residence, your way of your configuration and the brand of your router etc etc ..
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