year for year the same! There are so many options makin money with this mode. We need some cool fresh air. Cmon guys it cannot be so difficult to bring something new!? This sport is a teamplay and it’s the purest thing ever. Every player should concentrate on his own player to grow and getting stronger. And raise with the team. Not to buy packs over packs and trying to get the best squad. Man you earned money every year and now that you are fed up you should do something for the community not for your wallets!!


  • lar9abl
    63 posts Park Captain
    Wont happen. Im still convinced they are about to take the mode out in a year or 2 to focus on other modes.

    They prolly wont, that’ll make em lose alot of buyers. They’ll just keep it the same for maybe another 10 years.
  • SisU
    9 posts Ball Boy
    Well easiest way to get their attention is to not buy the game and play the old ones (as they're the same). If I could I would refund the game but unfortunately it's too late for that.
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