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    Fifa 19 pro clubs review and issues - Things i like, the defenders are better - though only in some ways - they defend better and make you work to open space (a bit like real football) - there's less of the we'll all stand on the halfway line and just wait for the lobbed ball over the top blah blah blah, as defence covers this better (well unless its your corner - probably conceded as many goals, from our clubs corners in past 2 fifa's, as we have from open play) - skills moves are less useful as defenders cover these better (prefer this). Goals area little more difficult to score - makes the game more intense. Game looks a little better. Aside from that it still has many of the glitches found in older pro clubs and has added a few ripe ones this year.

    1 - Pass to a bot and instantly get it back despite me not calling for it (often when your sprinting or are right next to or surrounded by opponents) and a club mate in a great position is calling for it - this auto 1-2 often completely messes with any attack and/or the flow of your play. Call it from a bot in a great position and he regularly decides to pass it backwards or automatically makes a pass so your call becomes a pass (happens way too often).
    AI bots passing has no consistency - one game there amazing - next game every pass is really poor and the opponent suddenly seems to have world class players in every position ?? Is there a reason for this - is it related to player/club ratings ? or is it just a neglected element of Fifa.
    The AI passing in general has a real inconsistency to it - ruins the game as makes it really difficult to play the way you want to - i can live with my poor calls and passes, but when the AI bots are so inconsistent the gameplay starts to dominate and what you do as a player becomes secondary - surely the wrong approach.

    2 Goalkeepers - like the fact there harder to beat. Don't like the goal kicks - sometimes you can spend nearly a whole half watching your keeper kick it to the halfway line (nowhere near anyone that called it and often to a really small bloke !!) and then watch it comeback until your opponents shoot and then we go round again - repeat repeat repeat - oh look 35mins have gone and we've spent the whole time going to the halfway line and back.
    Keepers got the ball - I'm in lovely space on the wing, i call, the keeper dithers and eventually kicks/throws the ball 10yds short of where i am and of course i am now marked as keepers dithering has let there whole team get back in position - can live with a balance between this and the odd good throw or kick, but this is definitely out of balance.

    3 - Opponents that seem to be able to spend whole match sliding you and your team (often without a booking or free kick) and also have amazing defenders who continually knock you over and off the ball. Then when you finally get the ball and break - very quickly - the eight players who were attacking you are now suddenly all on the edge of there box ( i exaggerate - but definitely get teams who are way way too physical and good - maybe its the 99 or defensive glitch that's been unaddressed over the years - if its not a glitch or cheat then i would like to know how you make your bots play and pressure there opponents like they are all much higher rated than you - i'm an 89 so far this year and was 92 last year - so guess there must be bots that are 95-100 rated ????????

    4 - Stamina - there seems to be no consequence to running up and down the pitch all match - oh look my triangle is empty but i'm still faster than the left back and i can still run back and tackle you on the edge of the area. Surely there needs to be a little consequence to continuous sprinting for 90 mins ???

    5 Corners - As mentioned earlier conceded so many goals from our own corners its ridiculous - as in lets all stand on the halfway line and wait for the ball to be cleared - every now and then fine but so regularly and it becomes an arcade game rather than a simulation. Cause in real football its not that often you concede from your own corners - yes it happens but . . . .

    Have been playing clubs for many years (is the only reason i buy fifa) and though there is a slightly more realistic football (less arcade) feel to the game this year - less effective stupid skills moves, game is more intense and defenders are better at defending - it is definitely more glitchy than ever before. Clearly the years of neglect have taken there toll - the high pressure and high rated stuff has been around for years (there will always be those that have to win even if cheating is the only way to do it - me older brother is like that :) ) and ruins the game. For me the key to FIFA over the years has been the ability to play football in a way that makes me smile (nice passing, good tackles, slides n blocks, killer balls and corking goals) - this year so far i smile a little less than other years as the AI game play highlighted is beginning to negatively impact on the flow of the game. I can live with being beaten, as long as our club can still have moments where we play football and score goals that make us smile.


    PS - i will be back here as have only just started my FIFA pro clubs reviews lol !!

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    Yeah the sprinting up and down for 90 minutes is a good point, noticing it more this year than every before. I hardly sprint and I use second wind, so my stamina in the 75 minutes onwards is pretty much the same as the 1st minute, yet 5"8 strikers/Cams that have spent the whole game with their RT/R2 buttons seemingly cellotaped down are outsprinting me late on.

    It's dumb.
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    AdmTK wrote: »
    Just a note to the OP, custom kits were in pro clubs in FIFA 18. This isn't a dig at you at all it's just to reinforce that there haven't been any selective additions to the game mode this year at all, and by selective i mean pro clubs only.

    Pretty much every year when i'm asked by various people "what is pro clubs like this year?" "is it worth me getting the game?" I tend to respond in a tl:dr version the same way...

    It's a lot better, a lot worse and it's just the same

    Here's the expanded version if you've got the time and patience, thank you in advance :smile:

    I find the mode has an interesting dichotomy about it. When you start off you know your player and others (unless they've levelled up and restarted) aren't going to be particularly good and overall it's a lot slower so you try to keep it simple, play more short passes, you're trying to feel out what's different about this year, do you still hold the ball up and wait for the overlap? Is the crossing going to be OP again? will that curling shot outside/just inside the edge of the box either side that was a hallmark of FIFA 13 work this year? :) I'm not saying this is strictly true of everyone who plays the game of course. However I do also forget from time to time that my player is 79 overall and i'll try and hit shots like I'm a 92 ST....strangely enough this still works, my friend and I have gotten straight promotions to division 3 and I'm happy to have a higher goals to games ratio. Then I'm starting to miss shots that I would have normally scored, I empahsise "missing" and not keeper saved.

    Edge of the box, just inside the D either side, simple curler...nope..wide
    I'm scratching my head..ok so i've got more power, more accuracy and more curl so is it just a case that due to the stats being increased (i'm 88 OVR) now) the overall game physics upon kicking the ball now means I pretty much can't get this on target anymore? If the Keeper saves a cracker then i'm miffed, but ok the keepers should be better higher up so that's not as bad, but missing the goal entirely.....

    Ground no not I need to channel my inner Ryu/Ken Street Fighter II pulling of a dragon punch style button combination (ok it's an exaggeration, there's only 3 buttons to press but surely it can be done a better way) but rather, sometimes when I shoot the ball will go extremely low and other times, doing the same will do what I want..or rather expect.

    The AI is a brilliant case of improvement,detriment and lethagy.

    Improvement : They can defend a lot better than last year, holding off players, passing between themselves to get the ball up the pitch with clever one touches, They shoot a lot better and score more goals that they would have missed completely in previous versions.

    Detriment : they can defend a lot worse. their positioning is sometimes way off, the silly
    Orikoru wrote: »
    Played something like 160 games now.

    It's a bit pinbally.

    Yeah, it is exactly like Sunday League footy at times. Carnage.

    one touch passing is just sometimes quality comedy theatre. If you make some sort of attacking movement towards the wing, they'll lob the ball up to you when you haven't asked for it whatsoever..ah they're using their initiative! I hear you cry. Well I wouldn't mind if it was consistent, so if you made an attacking movement up the middle they'd do the same thing..but they don't.

    The GKs must belong to some secret society that meet up every week in some super secret pub or bar if you like and after they've had a few drinks of choice and the time is of the agreed hour they simultaneously declare how many crosses they should have caught but have punched away instead.

    The less said about the defenders not dropping back for a goal kick the better. I haven't seen this in my limited experience of the other game modes....Have I missed that it's this years Pro club's selective addtion? :)

    There's other stuff but if you've read this far I apologise for taking up your time and I hope you've got a drink in hand or some food available or doing something less boring at the same time :)

    That aside I'm going to press on :)

    Lethagy : AI: "why did you give me the ball in the first have it back *laugh*"

    There's still this mindset of the AI giving you the ball straight back when you run past them and haven't asked for it, you end up not being able to do anything because you're running at full pelt and a defender swiftly nicks it off you with a sly '"i'll have that" attitude.

    The Freddie Ljlungeberg inside the box = instapenalty. The one when your face crumples up into a picture of both annoyance,frustration,disdain, pad throwing anger(i haven't managed this one yet but i know people who have) and that calm sobriety of expectance and acceptance that it's going to happen again at some point.

    Again there's more but to finish off, the question I'm sure lot of you ask at some point during your play is a simple one with a very simple answer....


    to which the ultimate answer is...

    "cus FIFA innit"

    I would have to agree. That being said I still love Pro Clubs, I do wish EASports would say to us players "I know you're frustrated, I know a lot of you understand this and it isn't a money maker for us it's not something we take seriously, but we do appreciate that people do buy the game just for this mode only because there isn't any other offering of this sort out there so we're going just spend some time to fix what's needed, we can't/don't want to spend the resources to add in things to the mode year after year but we'll try to get you some improvements so at least the patch notes will have more than one thing you're interested in"

    That would be nice. On an upbeat note, I'm glad cross platform is coming in next year, I just hope they don't leave out pro clubs!

    "Playoffs will be in February and March and the final will take place on 28 and 29 March.

    Players on XboxOne and PS4 will compete against players on their own console in the qualifiers, but both will be mixed in the playoffs and final."

    That last part about EA’s input in to clubs is spot on and annoying. Appreciate it’s a numbers game at the end of the day and all about making money or making your money back but I very much doubt EA are losing anything on Fifa. Personally I’d pay for a standalone title but I get that might not be an option (I accidentally purchased the CL version this year after a mate said that was the one to get. £70 odd and I have never played any other mode within the game and never will). This mode could so easily be turned in to a money maker with a bit of imagination though (if that is the issue). You could make the editing aspect chargeable but enhance them obviously like gamer face, tattoos, better kit selection and editing options, stadiums, and so on. Cup competitions could be made chargeable but with rewards. League titles could also come with some small reward. You could even have a league structure based on input from the clubs… not suggesting great sums of money but those not overly interested could kick around in the conference type thing and those really in to it could conceivably work, play, or pay their way up to the premier league or champions league. FUT uses card packs to improve your team why not have that in pro clubs (just a few ideas)?
  • Disgusting. Not only nothing has changed, now, more than ever, we have cheaters all around. Pro club Extensive, and many more with user overall 99 ..

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    The defenders are OP.
    Pass to a bot and instantly get it back despite me not calling for it (often when your sprinting or are right next to or surrounded by opponents) and a club mate in a great position is calling for it - this auto 1-2 often completely messes with any attack and/or the flow of your play.

    This is true.
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