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Well the idea was for me to wait, since 18 wasnt good for me, but my girlfriend decided to "surprise" me with an early bd gift.
So far i havent played much. About 60 games so I may be wrong in some points but here is why I think this game is in horrible state atm:

-Dribbling is non existent
-30m bicycle kicks, volleys go in easier than 1v1
-its actually funny how corners are almost like penalties
-rebounds are hilarious
-every player can tackle and intercept everything no matter the stats
-pace is also non existent (caught gelson martins in full sprint while 20y behind with Augsburg CB whose name I cant pronounce) felt sorry for the guy
-shooting is horrible
-player movements seem sluggish and slow (doesnt matter if its Hazard or Spaghetti)
-bullet players not just defenders are back (when my player receives the ball, 2 others tackle me before I can turn), I tend to play bit slower and "smarter" but cant since I have to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible
-even the best players experience trouble while trying to control a simple pass
-crossing is the best way to score

I honestly think this game can be THE ONE if they manage to balance it the right way. Ofc i dont want to play 18 or 17 again, but if a patch comes soon I am afraid it will be the same game we have played last year.
Even with all these things I still think the game isnt THAT bad but it isnt good either and I lost interest to play already.

Anyone who shares the same opinion?


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    First impression:

    Looks like a copy of footbal games played in the beginning of 2000. I think bicycle kicks comes from that time I guess.

    I think they used an old version as the base for this version.
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