Seasons are untouched-UCL is not online

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Its a shame that EA only cares about FUT and seasons are completely untouched once again from day 1.
There are people like me who never play arcady fut and want to play with real teams and attributes.
Its a shame that we dont have a new online tournament or championship all these years to keep us interested.
I was really hoping to be able to play UCL online but no ,not even this.
And there are so many things that EA could do to keep the hype ,such as a tournament with registered teams to keep the cards ,long fatigue ,injuries , stats etc.Its not hard...


  • Ronaldinho999
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    The game this year is a **** mess, seems like they are selling their product to drug addicts and they dont even care about the quality
  • Zurchi
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    My buddy refused to play co-op and online friendlies against me because I was tired of "assisted" and he won't learn manual because Ultimate Team is filled with assisted passing games. So instead we decided to just stop playing against each other. We wanted to play the UEFA, but nope, that is not for you and a friend to play online... we wanted to do Penalty Kicks to determine a winner? no, that is not part of EA's co-op online friendly philosophy.

    But you know what is new???? ALL NEW ULTIMATE TEAM STUFF.. TEAM OF THE WEEEEEEK!!! PLAYER PACKS!!! ULTIMATE PACKS!!! PAY TO WIN PACKS~!!!! *** wipes all progress on FIFA 18 **** time to go rebuy all those packs boyssss its FIFA 19!!!
  • Keza110
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    Yeah dissapointed they didnt add that uefa champions league & europa league mode online... like world cup that would have qaulity instead did it offline like who will play it iffline by them self?
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