So what's the best way to finish?

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Currently in div 4 and only really using normal shots. I get that different shots are effective in different scenarios but is there a shot in general that is best and most effective like the low driven was last year?

Low drivens - tried these but for one reason or another my players end up doing chip shots half the time eventhough I'm holding down lb and rb simulatenously.

Timed finishing - yet to use this, is it even useful?


  • Shane
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  • SergiuLive
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    timed finish low driven obviously.
  • Shane
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    SergiuLive wrote: »
    timed finish low driven obviously.

    You can do both at the same time?

    Low driven is lb and rb + shoot this year right?
  • Keano
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    Turned timed finishing off, kept trying to use it as low driven & it doesn't help inide the box or my style of play, so I just use low driven & Finesse, finesse seems to be decent for me, finish most of my chances.
  • Campino
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    Don’t do timed finish low driven :/

    Mate the meta is finesse timed however finesse just works. I haven’t hit a LD shot at all in Fifa 19
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Finesse has helped me convert more chances.
  • Keano
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    That timed finishing is more like skills in fifas imo, it';s not needed but it just looks better on screen.
  • P
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    Flick it up for a volley or overhead.
  • heefmondo
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    I save the timed finishing for long shots. The trouble I'm having is breaking people down cos there's usually 10 players camped in their box when I'm attacking, just blocking everything, it's ridiculous haha
  • Chubbs
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    I use a power shot across the body and time finish it. Seems to go in the most frequently inside of the 18. Out side I have had no luck outside of finesse and times finish. Just remember, imo at least, its better to be late on timed finishing that to be early. I get too late 50% of the time and they still go in.
  • Currieman
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    Normal shots and finesse have been working the best for me. Haven't bothered using timed finishing.
  • LosBlancos
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    Timed finished was turned off for me as well. Honestly, the players youre using will effect your conversion rate. When i was ripping with Rodrigo i was not getting nearly as many finshes as with Suarez. But, with that said finesse is very important. Anytime you can get off an outside of the foot type shot, try it as well.
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