OTW Goretzka

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He is 170k atm on PS4.
If he gets IF do you think this IF card's price would be more than 170k?
I'm not thinking about investing in his OTW but using in my team.
What's cheaper way - buy OTW card now or wait for IF and buy this IF?


  • sheffutd87
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    Informs will always be cheaper than the OTW due to the potential for further OTW upgrades.

    Impossible to say what his otw would cost with an inform as there are so many variables involved but 200+ easy.

    Usually they rise the most before the inform and upgrades happen though ... ie right in the game as they score or whatever. People rush to buy them to turn a profit and dump them when the inform comes out. Sell on the hype don’t buy on it.
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