Bundesliga (pure and hybrid) discussion

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Hello! :)
As far as I know because of high prices of EPL players a lot of people start with other ligues. I'm trying to upgrade my Bundesliga squad.

Do you have any experience using bundes players?

Lets start with attack.
Werner/IF Werner - seems to be best bundes player atm.
Lewandowski - he is good when you play Bayern but how is he in FUT? Last year his NIF version was really bad, slow and it took 5sec from pressing O button to shoot. Does anyone try him?
Muller - I've used his TOTS version in F19, How is he now?
Bruma? (CAM->CF) - very fast as a CAM, good dribbler, but weak and with so so shooting

For left side with have several options.
- Coman - fast, good in every aspect
- Gnabry - cheaper alternative of Coman in my opinion
- Reus - isn't he too slow in F19? He was my favourite CAM in F18, so I'll wait for IF CAM version. Does anyone try him?
- Ribery - didn't try him. He seems to be too slow for a winger.
- Sane - he's not from bundesliga but as a German player can be easily fit into squad

Right wingers:
- Bellarabi/Pulissic - cheap and quite nice option as a starter
- Robben - his weak foot is awful and he seems to be slow this year... Any experience?
- ??? I dont see other option atm

- Goretzka - no comment needed
- James - he was quite good in F18 but in F19 playing Bayern I don't even see this guy. To weak to take a ball, to slow to rush and score... I don't see him in my team
- Delaney - good and cheap box to box CM
- Witsel - is he really worth his price? He dosn't seems to be good but a lot of people like him. Any comment?
- Tolisso - good box to box CM but needs shadow or hunter to improve his pace

We have nice options in bundesliga but I don't see any OP player
- Rousillion
- Wendell

Quite decent cards, but nothing special atm
- Piszczek
- Kimmich

- Akanji - very good low budget defender
- Vogt - very good low budget defender
- Boateng - was good in F18 but I haven't try him in F19. Any comments? Is he worth his price
- Hummels - his TOTs was great, but I haven't try him in F19. Is he worth his price
- Rudiger (he's from EPL but it's a German player so...)

- Pavlenka - his TOTs was great in F18, now he is veeery bad. Don't buy him
- Fahrmann - nothing special this year
- Neuer - last year I waste my 100k buying him. I'm waiting for some reviews this year before I give him a try...
- Leno/Ter Stegen - German GK from other leagues

If you have more experience with Bundesliga players please comment. I don't wanna waste my coins investing in league that doesn't even have a chance to play against EPL, Serie A or La Liga teams.


  • Yahoo1982
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    Noone is using bundesliga players? Really?
  • Tjahr
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    I do, gnabry is good. Bruma too weak. Use kruse or someone as cam. Weiser is good as right back. Others i still am trying to find out
  • kcichris
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    zakaria is really good for a starter team, i also liked Akanji and Tah. I wouldnt try robben and ribery, too slow and stam too low
  • Yahoo1982
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    I wonder if Lewa is good option in curent meta. He's strong, great in heading but little bit slow and with low agility...
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