Open Cup Daily

Because they took the cup daily? it was very good to be able to play this mode every day, now having to wait 11 days to play a cup game is very bad, this mode was to play online without a broken start.I returned with the daily cup in the seasons.


  • As a very competitive person, I am really looking for an opportunity to try out, test or play with others, without putting my rank on the line. So I was really disappointed, to see the cup only be available for one weekend every two weeks.
  • RonandFez
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    edited October 2018
    why!? why would take away an element of the game?? cups matches are a great way to play competitive, online matches with different teams, formations, etc. please FFS go back to the daily window! the FIFA 18 world cup window stays open for 7 days with a short restart time. next cup window opens in 11 days!! i just don't get what the purpose is !
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