The problem of this game in five video

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I see a lot of messages from people who find the game difficult, I have an explanation for that.

The game is not only based on the skill of the player, but also on a luck factor that is very important this year.

There are a lot of goals scored as in the videos above, it is very difficult to counter that.

During the FUT Champions, we will see the result that causes this luck factor.


  • HullCity1904
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    it's a real joke this, pinball machine football spamming Circle or B...
  • naija_chinex
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    It's so annoying how shielding doesn't work this year. You back into a player and wait for support and the defender tackles you from behind without fouling you.

    I'm using Giroud at the moment and i can't get any breathing space.
  • RUS_PreDaToR
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    The state of this game so fast unrealistic and ping balling.
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