What is the average and maximum population of players in FIFA 19 PC Online Seasons mode?

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I have not bought FIFA 19 PC yet. I'm seeing the price is extremely expensive this year. When I bought FIFA 17 PC Standard Edition 2 years ago the price was around £28 for an Origin Key from HRK with a bonus Steam game key. The population online in Seasons mode which is predominantly what I am mostly interested in had maximum around 3600 players online at release date back then with an average of 2500 players online.

Now FIFA 19 PC costs £40 at the cheapest price. This is way too much, it is almost double the cost of what FIFA 17 PC was. I didn't buy FIFA 18 PC either again due to price. But before that I remember buying FIFA 11 PC DVD for £24.99 and FIFA 12 PC Origin Key for £13 at release date. Those days seem to be over.

Since the price is so high, this casts me some scepticism as to how many people there will be online for the PC version in Seasons mode. I know Ultimate Team naturally will have more people online. But I am not really interested in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Seeing how expensive the game is this year, I'm curious to know what is the average and maximum number of online players in Online Seasons mode? This is the only sure way I can determine whether it is really worth buying the game this year.

Many thanks.
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